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Voicebrook's Annual Awards: Highlighting Employee Achievement

Voicebrook's Annual Awards: Highlighting Employee Achievement

The Voicebrook team gathered in New York early in January for the company's annual meeting, with employees traveling from all across the country to attend. 

While part of the event was dedicated to reviewing Voicebrook's annual plan and the outlook for 2023, the company's leadership also took time to honor some of Voicebrook's most dedicated and hardworking team members for their contributions.

Company meeting 2023

The Voicebrook team at the 2023 Annual Meeting.

Traditionally, Voicebrook has presented three annual employee awards, but this year added two new honors to the lineup. 

  • Core Values Award
  • Core Purpose Award
  • BHAG Award
  • New Team Member of the Year
  • Brand Promise Award

Core Values Award


This year's Core Values Award was presented to Austin Lauer, a Senior Implementation Specialist at Voicebrook. The Core Values Award goes to a person who best demonstrates the company's core values: "BASIC - Balance, Accountability, Success, Interaction, Change." 

"Austin works well across his project teams, holds himself accountable and has the same expectation of his other team members," says Deidra Harrell, Vice President, Client Success. "He is very focused on the success of the projects to which he is assigned and will even cross role lines, when needed, to ensure the client is taken care of and the project moves forward. He took ownership of defining some of the processes around the Lead Implementation Specialist role and the Implementation Specialist role for the new project methodology and worked with other stakeholders to get more perspectives and feedback to ensure what he was developing met all of the needs."


Deidra Harrell, Vice President, Client Success (left) and Austin Lauer, Senior Implementation Specialist.


Core Purpose Award


Congratulations to Jennifer Mayo, Associate Product Manager, recipient of the Core Purpose Award. This honor is given to a person who demonstrates a focus and passion for "Helping Patients Get Results."

“Jennifer is always striving to understand the core problems our users face in order to be a part of helping our teams to find the best solution," says Melanie Shedd, Vice President, Product. "She always shows up, speaks up and brings ideas to the table to help push our team forward. Jennifer works relentlessly toward our goals, whether that be meeting a release deadline or continuing responsibilities from her last role that we haven't transitioned off her plate yet."


Melanie Shedd, Vice President, Product (left) and Jennifer Mayo, Associate Product Manager.


BHAG Award


What the heck is a BHAG?! It's short for "big hairy audacious goal" and refers to a clear and compelling target that an organization tries to reach. The term BHAG was coined in the book Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras. 

For Voicebrook, the BHAG is to become the dominant facilitator of patient diagnosis communication, and this year's BHAG Award goes to Scott Kalmus, Account Manager.

According to E. Bruce Sopko, Vice President of Sales, "Scott was chosen for his efforts in ensuring that our current client base is taking advantage of our new technology and enhancements to our core platform; which he has done exceptionally well in recent years, particularly in 2022. The more pathologists we have utilizing our solution and creating their diagnoses via VoiceOver PRO, the faster we will reach our goal of becoming the dominant global facilitator of pathology diagnosis communication.”


E. Bruce Sopko, Vice President of Sales (left) and Scott Kalmus, Account Manager.


New Team Member of the Year


This honor is given to a team member who has been with Voicebrook for less than 2 years, who has been an outstanding representative for the company and constantly keeps success in mind. Congrats to Timorae Waite, Accounting Specialist, for winning this award!

“Timorae is truly a cut above the rest," says Brian Juszcyk, Director of Internal Operations. "Her intelligence and attention to detail is unmatched, and she consistently produces high-quality work. She possesses a natural aptitude for numbers and as a new employee was able to quickly understand our systems and procedures. She's quickly become an invaluable member of our team.”


Brian Juszcyk, Director, Internal Operations (left) and Timorae Waite, Accounting Specialist.


Brand Promise Award


Voicebrook's brand promise is to be Reliable, Efficient, Flexible, and Simple, in order to ensure the success of our customers. The employee who has consistently demonstrated that brand promise is Yousof Elzaatari, Product Engineer.

Gareth Hamann, Director of Product Engineering, says that Yousof is always thinking outside the box of ways to improve on or make Voicebrook's existing applications simple and efficient to use. Gareth adds, "Yousof has taken our existing toolset and made it more reliable for both our staff and customers. Not only is Yousof an exceptional talent, he is possibly the nicest, most genuine person that you will ever get the pleasure to meet or work with.” 


Gareth Hamann, Director of Product Engineering (left) and Yousof Elzaatari, Product Engineer. Yousof resides in Lebanon and attended the annual meeting remotely.

Congratulations to all of the award winners, and thank you to everyone on the Voicebrook team for your contributions and hard work!