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Make Your Cancer Reporting Easier, More Efficient, CAP-Compliant, Accurate


VoiceOver PRO is the only speech-enabled CAP eCP solution.



Pathologists have historically faced challenges integrating The College of American Pathologists’ electronic Cancer Protocols (CAP eCP) into their workflow. The reporting process is time-consuming and requires effort to ensure compliance with required elements. Keeping up with frequent CAP updates can be burdensome and prone to error. 

As a licensed vendor of CAP eCP content since 2010, Voicebrook simplifies and improves the reporting process for you. With VoiceOver PRO as your pathology reporting solution, you’ll enjoy automatic CAP updates and seamless compliance, multiple features to assist in your workflow, and the added efficiencies of a hands-free, speech-enabled solution.







VoiceOver PRO 

CAP eCP Benefits

CAP Compliance


It can be difficult to keep up with the frequent required updates to CAP eCP. Are you sure your anatomic pathology lab is in compliance? Are you wasting unnecessary time and stress when manually updating your cancer protocols?

Eliminate those concerns with VoiceOver PRO. With PRO's fastest-in-the industry automatic eCP updates, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re always CAP-compliant. If you make any template customizations, you can trust that all custom configurations will remain untouched when new eCP releases occur.



Does everyone in your lab complete their CAP eCP cases just a bit differently? Would you prefer to see consistent formatting and standardization in every cancer case?

With PRO, you can standardize the look of all cancer protocols, resulting in a uniform flow of information from top to bottom in your report that will benefit the clinician and improve patient care. Complete your report your way, but have confidence that the final product conforms to all CAP requirements as well as your institution's preferences. It’s the best of both worlds: customized content that still ensures CAP eCP compliance.

Efficiency & Simplicity


Who doesn’t get annoyed by non-stop clicking back and forth between multiple applications and program windows on their computers? Completing your eCP checklists can be an endless exercise in bouncing around multiple windows. But that’s not the case with VoiceOver PRO.

PRO encompasses the entirety of your report within a single window. In fact, PRO is the only pathology solution on the market offering single-window report creation. This provides streamlined reporting processes, a reduction in transcription errors, and time savings that leads to improved productivity and budget savings. Not to mention the efficiency gains you’ll enjoy from PRO's smart behaviors, which optimize efficiency with automatically calculating fields, changing plurality, and picklists.

Guaranteed Accuracy


Navigating the intricate details of CAP cancer checklists can be challenging. With so many elements in each checklist, mistakes can and do happen. Human error is unavoidable, but when it comes to your CAP eCP, there's no room for compromise. VoiceOver PRO's eCP solution is here to minimize errors.

Harnessing advanced automation and intelligent logic, it aligns with CAP standards, alerting you to discrepancies. With 95% of PRO's templates boasting the exceptional power of automated calculations, you also benefit from streamlined staging, grading, and other field calculations. These are not just features, but a commitment to maintaining the utmost precision in patient diagnosis and treatment. With PRO, accuracy isn't just improved; it's guaranteed.



You're already used to dictation, so having to type out your cancer reports only serves to slow you down and interrupt your thought process. VoiceOver PRO is a speech recognition-based reporting solution tailored to the unique needs of anatomic pathology. PRO's fully-supported and best-in-the-industry speech engine allows you the option to complete your eCP protocols hands-free.

It's the only eCP solution on the market that's speech-enabled. And if you'd rather keep pecking away at your keyboard? That's okay, too. PRO is all about options... complete your report the way you prefer, choosing the workflow that best fits your needs.



Reports shouldn't be isolated. They contain vital information that needs to be shared. VoiceOver PRO allows you to capture CAP protocols in a structured format and distribute this data in a standardized format to all AP/LIS systems, EMR/EHR systems, local and state cancer registries and anywhere else the data needs to go.

PRO helps you shape future healthcare practices, enabling your structured data to become a valuable asset in creating a comprehensive understanding of cancer patterns, outcomes, and potential breakthroughs.

"PRO makes sure that I'm CAP-compliant."


Dr. John Groth, a pathologist at Endeavor Health (formerly NorthShore University HealthSystem), explains how he benefits from VoiceOver PRO's CAP eCP solution.

Want to see for yourself? 



VoiceOver PRO 

CAP eCP Features

Automatic CAP Updates

Eliminate the hassle of manual CAP updates and let us make sure you're always getting the latest eCP releases.

Speech Recognition

Best-in-class speech recognition gives you the option to complete your eCP checklists hands-free, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Discrete Data Capture

PRO's smart behaviors optimize efficiency with automatically calculating fields, changing plurality, and picklists.

Data Field Validation

PRO evaluates your data and detects if required information is missing, or if a value is outside of normal limits.

Customized Content

Customize your cancer protocols to meet your needs, while still remaining CAP-compliant.

Single-Window Workflow

No more clicking back and forth between multiple applications and program windows: PRO's organic workflow lets you do everything all in one place. 

"Before getting PRO, the three pathologists at Aultman were doing CAP reports in three different ways. And there were errors. There are a lot of protocol items which are essential, and sometimes they were missed. But PRO prevents those errors. If we miss an important element, PRO says 'You're missing certain elements -- go and correct.' That automatic check helps us."
Dr. Pars Ravichandran
Aultman Hospital
"My experience with VoiceOver CAP content has been excellent! It helps to avoid typing errors, it includes updated CAP checklists and it is user-friendly. VoiceOver CAP content helps to increase efficiency and the reports look professional."
Dr. ShouJin Wu
Staff Pathologist
Jesse Brown VA Medical Center
"Pre-staging cancer cases is a huge benefit. Overall, upgrading to PRO is like going from a typewriter to a laptop! PRO is exceptionally flexible and is customized to meet our needs."
Dr. Trudie Muir
Billings Clinic Hospital
"Without VoiceOver, our users would be doing a lot of clicking, scrolling, and typing to complete their cases. It's significantly faster to use voice commands and dictation. The templates and CAP checklists are the most helpful features. They keep us consistent and compliant with our reports.”
Jason Moore
LIS Specialist
Concord Hospital
“With the CAP templates, I can easily toggle on/off fields, use a foot pedal to navigate through checklists, and view annotated notes. I consider myself to be anti-technology, but I enjoy using the VoiceOver products. I never have issues with recognition and VoiceOver has made me more efficient in my work than when using traditional transcription. I'm definitely a speech recognition convert!"
Dr. Elizabeth Bauer-Marsh
Laboratory Medical Director
Unity Point Health-Methodist
“Since the CAP requirements are constantly changing, VoiceOver guarantees that I’m always up to date. It also streamlines the process as much as possible by reducing duplication and inappropriate items. The end result is much more attractive than anything one could create for the online CAP checklists, and the user has complete editing control. I highly recommend this product to any busy pathologist who is attempting to follow the CAP regulations on cancer reporting."
Dr. Thomas J. Reed
SaraPath Diagnostics
“The CAP checklists have structured how data appears in our reports. The oncologists mentioned how much more they like the formatting because it is easier to read."
Dr. Metin Taskin
Director of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
The Valley Hospital

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Aultman Hospital Reduces CAP eCP Errors With VoiceOver PRO





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