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The standalone CAP eCP solution that lets you work smarter, not harder.



See SynoptIQ in Action!

As a licensed vendor of CAP eCP content since 2010, Voicebrook built SynoptIQ to streamline CAP cancer reporting with unmatched accuracy and compliance. 

Designed to meet CAP eCP standards and compatible with any AP/LIS system, SynoptIQ simplifies and improves your cancer reporting process. Experience the ease of compliance with seamless CAP updates, reduction of errors with decision support, and the clarity of structured reports.






SynoptIQ Benefits

CAP Compliance


Staying current with CAP's frequent updates can be challenging and stressful for any pathology lab. Worried about compliance or the hassles of manual updates?

Switch to SynoptIQ for a worry-free experience. With our fastest-in-the industry automatic eCP updates, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re always CAP-compliant. Embrace simplicity and confidence with SynoptIQ, where updates are seamless, and your customizations stay intact.



Variability in cancer reporting can compromise the consistency of your laboratory’s reports. Standardization in cancer reporting is no longer an option… it’s a necessity.

SynoptIQ empowers you to achieve uniformity across all reports, ensuring each case is formatted to the highest standards. Combine your lab's unique preferences with strict CAP compliance, delivering a consistently-structured report that enhances clinical utility and patient care. Experience the harmony of tailored content with the assurance of standardized compliance—SynoptIQ makes it possible.

Efficiency & Simplicity


Navigating complex cancer protocols can be a daunting and time-consuming task, often diverting your attention from essential diagnostic work.

SynoptIQ revolutionizes this process by providing everything you need at your fingertips, including an optional hands-free speech recognition feature for added convenience. A user-friendly interface provides an efficient design including automatic staging calculations and easy access to specific CAP protocol notes. This blend of convenience and technology makes SynoptIQ the solution for enhancing both accuracy and efficiency in your cancer reporting process, ultimately improving patient care.

Unmatched Accuracy


Human error is unavoidable, but when it comes to your cancer reporting, there's no room for compromise. But with so many elements in each cancer checklist, mistakes can and do happen. 

SynoptIQ enhances your cancer reporting with unmatched precision and decision support. It minimizes human error through advanced automation and intelligent logic, ensuring strict alignment with CAP standards and alerting users to any discrepancies. With automated calculations in 95 percent of templates, SynoptIQ aids in accurate staging, grading, and field calculations. These aren’t just product features – they’re a demonstration of our commitment to maintaining the utmost precision in patient diagnosis and treatment. Accuracy isn't just improved with SynoptIQ; it's guaranteed.

Customizable User Experience


Do you like the idea of CAP cancer protocols but wish they could be tailored to your specific laboratory needs?

SynoptIQ eCP allows you to customize for your specific and unique requirements. Whether it’s adjusting the layout, setting preferences for data entry, or integrating with existing systems, SynoptIQ ensures that each lab can optimize its reporting process, leading to improved user satisfaction and operational effectiveness. This benefit underscores SynoptIQ’s commitment to not just meeting – but exceeding – the diverse demands of modern pathology labs.



Reports shouldn't be isolated. They contain vital information that needs to be shared. 

SynoptIQ enhances interoperability by enabling structured data capture from CAP protocols and facilitating standardized data distribution across various systems like AP/LIS, EMR/EHR, digital pathology, and cancer registries. This capability turns structured data into a valuable asset for understanding cancer patterns and breakthroughs, thereby shaping future healthcare practices.

SynoptIQ Features

Automatic CAP Updates

Eliminate the hassle of manual CAP updates and let us make sure you're always getting the latest eCP releases.

Customized Content

Customize to meet your needs, while remaining compliant. Choose your preferred fonts/style selections. Site-specific customizations are retained during new eCP releases. 

Automatic Staging & Grading

SynoptIQ’s intelligent logic ensures accurate data entry for automatic staging, grading, and other report fields, improving efficiency and reducing human error.

Direct Access to CAP Protocols

SynoptIQ provides a link directly to the protocol and access to specific notes for each element of the protocol, based on where you are in the case.

Structured Data Capture

SynoptIQ captures and organizes data directly in accordance with CAP eCP protocols, ensuring that the data is consistently structured and in adherence with requisite standards right from the point of entry.

Workflow Integration

SynoptIQ operates in tandem with any AP/LIS system, no direct integration required.  SynoptIQ offers smooth operational synergy without the complexities of system-to-system integration. 

HL7 Capable

Generate the eCP data in an HL7 output, allowing  for exportation of structured data in a widely recognized, standardized format. Data is easily shared with & utilized by other healthcare information systems that accept HL7 inputs. 

Speech Recognition

Best-in-class speech recognition gives you the option to complete your eCP checklists hands-free, maximizing efficiency and productivity.






Ready to revolutionize your CAP eCP reporting?


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Let us show you how SynoptIQ works.

"Before Voicebrook, the three pathologists at Aultman were doing CAP reports in three different ways. And there were errors. There are a lot of protocol items which are essential, and sometimes they were missed. But this eCP module prevents those errors. If we miss an important element, it says 'You're missing certain elements -- go and correct.' That automatic check helps us."
Dr. Pars Ravichandran
Aultman Hospital
"My experience with Voicebrook's CAP content has been excellent! It helps to avoid typing errors, it includes updated CAP checklists and it is user-friendly. Voicebrook's CAP content helps to increase efficiency and the reports look professional."
Dr. ShouJin Wu
Staff Pathologist
Jesse Brown VA Medical Center
"Pre-staging cancer cases is a huge benefit. Overall, upgrading to this eCP tool is like going from a typewriter to a laptop! It is exceptionally flexible and is customized to meet our needs."
Dr. Trudie Muir
Billings Clinic Hospital
"Without Voicebrook, our users would be doing a lot of clicking, scrolling, and typing to complete their cases. It's significantly faster to use voice commands and dictation. The templates and CAP checklists are the most helpful features. They keep us consistent and compliant with our reports.”
Jason Moore
LIS Specialist
Concord Hospital
“With the CAP templates, I can easily toggle on/off fields, use a foot pedal to navigate through checklists, and view annotated notes. I consider myself to be anti-technology, but I enjoy using the Voicebrook products. I never have issues with recognition and Voicebrook has made me more efficient in my work than when using traditional transcription. I'm definitely a speech recognition convert!"
Dr. Elizabeth Bauer-Marsh
Laboratory Medical Director
Unity Point Health-Methodist
“Since the CAP requirements are constantly changing, Voicebrook guarantees that I’m always up to date. It also streamlines the process as much as possible by reducing duplication and inappropriate items. The end result is much more attractive than anything one could create for the online CAP checklists, and the user has complete editing control. I highly recommend this product to any busy pathologist who is attempting to follow the CAP regulations on cancer reporting."
Dr. Thomas J. Reed
SaraPath Diagnostics
“The CAP checklists have structured how data appears in our reports. The oncologists mentioned how much more they like the formatting because it is easier to read."
Dr. Metin Taskin
Director of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
The Valley Hospital