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Voicebrook's Annual Awards: The Best of the Best

Voicebrook's Annual Awards: The Best of the Best

The Voicebrook team gathered in New York in January for the company's annual meeting, with employees traveling from all across the country to attend. 

While part of the event was dedicated to reviewing Voicebrook's annual plan and the outlook for 2024, the company's leadership also took time to honor some of Voicebrook's most dedicated and hardworking team members for their contributions.


The Voicebrook team at the 2024 Annual Meeting.

Voicebrook typically presents five annual employee awards, but this year added two extra honors to the lineup. This year's awards include:

  • Core Values Award
  • Core Purpose Award
  • BHAG Award
  • New Team Member of the Year
  • Brand Promise Award
  • Client Success Baton Award
  • 20 Years of Service Award

Core Values Award


The Core Values Award goes to a person who best demonstrates the company's core values: "BASIC - Balance, Accountability, Success, Interaction, Change." This year's Core Values Award was presented to Andrew Boutcher, a Client Engagement Consultant at Voicebrook.

"Those core values are not just words but the guiding principles that shape our culture and achievements. Andrew embodies these values in all aspects of his work.," says Melanie Shedd, Vice President, Product. "He doesn't just meet expectations, he exceeds them. He consistently delivers results and earns the trust of his peers and our customers. Our customers love love LOVE Andrew!"


Melanie Shedd, Vice President, Product (left) presents the Core Values Award to Andrew Boutcher, User Experience Engineer.


Core Purpose Award


Congratulations to Hovhannes Torosyan, Product Engineer, recipient of the Core Purpose Award. This honor is given to a person who demonstrates a focus and passion for "Helping Patients Get Results."

“This award isn't just about recognizing a job well done; it's about acknowledging someone whose work, dedication, and focus ensures that we consistently exceed expectations in delivering quality care and meaningful outcomes for our clients and their patients," says Daniel Kahn, Director, Software Engineering.

"Hovannes always had his eye on the ball, going above and beyond to troubleshoot issues even on evenings and weekends so that we can continue offering our service uninterrupted. But I think what's impressed me most about him is how eager he is to contribute his knowledge even outside the role we hired him for, helping us to shape our technical roadmap as we look to grow and improve our product."


Hovhannes Torosyan, Product Engineer, is the Core Purpose Award recipient.


BHAG Award


What the heck is a BHAG?! It's short for "big hairy audacious goal" and refers to a clear and compelling target that an organization tries to reach. The term BHAG was coined in the book Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras. 

For Voicebrook, the BHAG is to become the dominant facilitator of patient diagnosis communication, and this year's BHAG Award goes to Aryicka Frison, Manager, Client Engagement.

"Leading a team composed of some of Voicebrook's most knowledgeable and respected resources, Aryicka has not only held her own but has also empowered her team to contribute significantly," says Deidra Harrell, VP, Client Success. "Her selfless approach ensures that the Client Engagement team has a voice in collective efforts, leveraging her experience to benefit our clients while fostering the growth of their professional skills."

"What sets Aryicka apart is her unwavering commitment to client success. Without hesitation, she engages with clients, demonstrating a remarkable follow-through that underscores her dedication. Her optimism and belief in making a positive impact are evident not only in her focused approach to learning about new clients but also in her resilience. The initiatives spearheaded or currently in progress under her leadership are poised to have lasting impacts on our ability to deliver value to clients."


Deidra Harrell, VP, Client Success (left) and Aryicka Frison, Manager, Client Engagement.


New Team Member of the Year


This honor is given to a team member who has been with Voicebrook for less than 2 years, who has been an outstanding representative for the company, and constantly keeps success in mind. Congrats to Elizabeth Kohn, Project Manager, for winning this award!

“In just under two years since she started with Voicebrook, Elizabeth has demonstrated remarkable growth and dedication in her role.," says Deidra Harrell. "From efficiently managing daily tasks to expanding her skills through continuous learning, she has become a leader in the Client Success department."

"Elizabeth proactively addresses issues and contributes to solutions even beyond concerns that impact her team. Her support for colleagues and readiness to lend a hand when needed have created a positive and collaborative work environment."


Elizabeth Kohn, Project Manager (left) and Deidra Harrell, VP, Client Success.


Brand Promise/REFS Award


Voicebrook's brand promise is to be Reliable, Efficient, Flexible, and Simple, in order to ensure the success of our customers. The employee who has consistently demonstrated that brand promise is Erica Jones, Manager, Implementation Services.

Erica has been instrumental in enhancing processes and elevating the quality of Voicebrook's training initiatives right from the start of her venture in a challenging role.  Deidra Harrell adds, "Erica goes above and beyond by personally assessing team member performance through regular travels, demonstrating a hands-on approach to leadership. She actively engages in training sessions herself, 'rolling up her sleeves' and leading by example.” 

Erica's leadership has been pivotal in initiating several impactful changes this year, including the development of the Train-the-Trainer program, group training outlines, and a drive towards greater standardization and consistency across the board.


Deidra Harrell, VP, Client Success (left) and Erica Jones, Manager, Implementation Services.

Client Success Baton Award


A new award was introduced this year, honoring the hard work of Client Success project teams who are responsible for onboarding new Voicebrook clients. The first Client Success Baton Award goes to Team Echo, consisting of Project Manager Elizabeth Kohn, Solution Architect Chris Lunghard, Technical Specialist William Chang, and Lead Implementation Specialist Derrick Walker.

During the exceptionally busy Q4 period in 2023, the team took on a heavy workload. Despite the challenges of system access and time, Team Echo completed 13 standard projects and 2 new solution projects in that quarter alone. They received fantastic user feedback for their work and the overall positive implementation experience.


Team Echo. From left to right: William Chang, Elizabeth Kohn, Derrick Walker, and Chris Lunghard. 


20 Years of Service Award


One final award to mention, and this one's a doozy. These days, it's rare to see an employee so dedicated that they stay with the same company for 20 years, but Voicebrook is fortunate to say that we have Nicolaus Dnyprowsky on our team! 

Nic has served in a variety of roles at Voicebrook over the last two decades, most recently as Product Liaison.

"Nic, our longest-serving team member with a rich 20-year history at Voicebrook, brings invaluable insights and dedication to our core purpose," says CEO Ross Weinstein. "His background working in the lab at Winthrop Hospital fuels his passion for ensuring the success of our clients in laboratories. His deep knowledge of our product and understanding of our customers' needs make him an indispensable asset to our team."


From left to right: Ross Weinstein, CEO, Nic Dnyprowsky, Product Liaison, and Melanie Shedd, VP, Product. 

Congratulations to all of our award winners, and thank you to everyone on the Voicebrook team for your contributions and hard work!