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Speech recognition
VoiceOver PRO Gave Me Freedom
"I can summarize my experience with one word: freedom. VoiceOver PRO gave me freedom, the freedom of being able to dictate my cases at any time. It's really easy to use. It's very intuitive. It's very simple. It makes your day because you're not frustrated trying to figure things out... you can focus on the microscope and what's important for that report and the patient, rather than your technology.

I would tell other pathologists to try PRO, see what you gain from it. It will definitely make your life easier."
Dr. Raed Sulaiman
Medical Director
Physicians Laboratory
"I truly believe that VoiceOver PRO is one of the best diagnostic reporting tools on the market for pathology. Like all voice recognition systems, it does not come without quirks, and PRO does rely on a third party voice recognition software. But the team at Voicebrook is willing to work within any EMR, any networking set-up to try and get the best product in the hands of the pathology team. The are one of the only systems that can boast truly hands-free workflows, which is especially useful in the gross room.

I have been a long term client of the company, and I am happy to promote this system to anyone willing to put the time into working with Voicebrook to assure they receive the best quality for their money."
Lara Goldberg
Lab Director
Firelands Regional Medical Center
"VoiceOver PRO is extremely impressive. I was already a proficient VoiceOver user, but this has been a game changer.

Recently, I grossed in 350 blocks with PRO, which is almost 100 more than the previous record. When that record was set, I had to work late to get it all done. With PRO I was still able to leave on time.

The functions for dictating cassettes really help speed things up. I would definitely recommend PRO!"
Clinton McCann
Pathologists' Assistant
Logan Health
"Our upgrade to VoiceOver PRO with Speechkit is so much faster, and it cuts my time dictating by at least half. Now I can get through a whole cart of small specimens in half the time I was before, and overall I can finish my work 30 percent faster.

PRO never has any issues transferring information to our AP system SoftPath, and it automatically handles several steps to close out my reports. I’ve been impressed."
Jenna Bryant
Pathologists' Assistant
Lexington Clinic
"I would say easily I save 1 to 2 hours a day using PRO. We worked with Voicebrook to create templates and “super shortcuts” for both surgical and cytology that allow us to populate multiple fields with one command in our standard reports. The super shortcuts cut down our time spent for about eighty percent of our straightforward cytology cases. Even if you only saved three minutes in a case, and you're dealing with, say, 25 or 30 cases a day, that's a significant amount of time."
Catholic Health Services of Long Island
"Our VoiceOver integration with Epic went very smoothly. This integration produces much more functionality compared to our previous system. Now our workflow feels quicker, especially during grossing. VoiceOver uses front end dictation but it is extremely flexible. It also addresses those users with the need to send files to transcription by providing an optional 'recorder' function."

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eliminated so many steps
"Since switching to VoiceOver PRO, we've eliminated so many steps. We dictate a case. We immediately review it. We put it back to Powerpath. That's it. Done. And we move on to the next one. Before implementation, all the PAs were worried that this was going to slow us down and were very reluctant. But within a week or two of implementing PRO, everything I heard from the lab was positive. It didn't slow us down at all… it actually sped up our workflow. The group is now doing more efficient work."
Pathologists' Assistant
Rochester Regional Healthcare
"I never liked working with any voice recognition program before, because of my accent. The first time I used VoiceOver PRO, I felt a big difference… PRO is really fantastic.

Honestly, I think VoiceOver PRO is the best system I have ever used."
Dr. Tao Guo
Physician's Laboratory
"With PRO there is an immediate turnaround time, especially for our GI biopsies. We only have one transcriptionist and on any given day 2-3 pathologists dictating cases. In the past, we needed to wait until our transcriptionist could get to our cases. With PRO we can sign them out immediately! The application is flexible and we are working on creating additional commands to save even more time!"
Osama Abdelatif
Chairmain of Pathology
Carondelet St. Joseph's Hospital
"PRO is just incredible. I never thought I'd see this type of technology. It's like the iPhone... it's just incredible."
Dr. Harry Kamerow
Mount Nittany Medical Center
"VoiceOver PRO is seamless and beautiful! It works like a charm and includes a beneficial feature. PRO's CAP checklist has an auto-staging feature that solved a problem; I had incorrect staging which was caught by PRO! I thought it was T2 when it was actually T3, and PRO identified this!"
"The difference between our previous VoiceOver 5 system and our new PRO system is like night and day, and we were already a happy customer. I initially thought I would not like using templates and checklists; however, I quickly learned that PRO's templates, checklists, and validation features all make creating reports significantly easier and more efficient.

I even have the option of completing an entire template by using the mouse. PRO's validation features are helpful as it will detect if required information is missing, or if a value is outside of normal limits. PRO will then prompt the user to take action before finalizing the case. Pre-staging cancer cases is also a huge benefit. Overall, upgrading to PRO is like going from a typewriter to a laptop! PRO is exceptionally flexible and is customized to meet our needs."
Dr. Trudie Muir
Billings Clinic Hospital
"In the middle of preparing to go live with our new VoiceOver PRO reporting solution, we realized that the Coronavirus pandemic would force us to postpone nonessential vendor travel. We were concerned that our go live would be canceled. Fortunately, Voicebrook and McFarland worked together to take the initiative to completely revamp the implementation process to support a remote go-live approach.

We have now been live on VoiceOver PRO since 2020, and have been a 100% transcription-free department since that time, while maintaining our productivity. VoiceOver PRO's unique pathology workflow, integration to our AP system, and accuracy has helped us in this tough time. The Voicebrook team has been amazing to work with!"
Dr. Jamie Weydert
McFarland Clinic
"I've cut my grossing time by 40-50% by switching from Dragon (DMNE) to VoiceOver PRO. PRO saves me so many manual steps. Our workflow in the AP lab is much simpler and streamlined with PRO. When I used DMNE, I used to have to dictate, then manually paste the gross to my LIS, then re-paste to a word document for backup in case something got deleted from our antiquated LIS (VistA).

Thanks to PRO, I no longer have to make manual edits to fix plurality changes, edit/create cassette keys, or transfer text from one software to another. Our grosses for complex cases have become standardized by using flexible templates and are much faster to complete as well. Although PRO takes effort upfront to implement, it has been well worth it. I absolutely do not want to go back to DMNE after experiencing VoiceOver PRO."
Jennifer Hudson
Pathologists’ Assistant
Louis Stokes VAMC
"Getting VoiceOver is the best decision I have made in my career. As someone with an accent you are always hesitant that a system like this is not going to work, but it does!"
Maria Pedmonte
Atlantic Health System/Hunterdon Medical Center