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Voicebrook and Incyte Diagnostics to Partner in Anatomic Pathology Reporting

Incyte Diagnostics will implement Voicebrook’s VoiceOver PRO software application to optimize pathology reporting workflows.

Lake Success, NY, June 1, 2022 -- Voicebrook, the leading provider of reporting solutions for pathology, today announced that Incyte Diagnostics has signed an agreement to acquire the VoiceOver PRO pathology reporting solution. Incyte is the Pacific Northwest's premier laboratory servicing more than 50 hospitals in the region, covering Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

“VoiceOver PRO is a customized solution for pathology. It provides pathologists with an added advantage to navigating their reports and potentially being completely hands-free,” said Dr. Mari Patel, Chief Operating Officer of Incyte Diagnostics. “I’ve just loved how Voicebrook has evolved its product line over the years, and VoiceOver PRO is a leader in its class. It’s functional and a reliable solution for use in pathology services.” 

“Voicebrook is thrilled to partner with Incyte Diagnostics as they provide top-notch service to the Pacific Northwest,” said E. Bruce Sopko, Vice President of Sales at Voicebrook. “Dr. Patel is very familiar with our pathology reporting solutions, having worked with VoiceOver in three prior leadership positions at other laboratories. We are honored that she has been instrumental in bringing VoiceOver PRO onboard at Incyte. There’s no greater compliment than that.” 

The Incyte team of 50 pathologists and 15 pathologists’ assistants will benefit from VoiceOver PRO’s customizable workflows and synoptic reporting templates. Patel notes that the versatility of the reporting solution is particularly appealing, as PRO’s transcription module allows for users to migrate to PRO without being forced to adopt voice dictation immediately. 

Being a private laboratory, Incyte values Voicebrook’s extended support and training, as well as the company’s highly structured, singular focus on anatomic pathology reporting.

“That’s what really drove us toward PRO, because it’s very pathology-specific,” said Kristina Johnson, Incyte’s Chief Information Officer. “With Voicebrook, we are dealing with a company who totally understands our needs and our workflows. That was really important to us when we were making our decision."

About Voicebrook:

Founded in 2002, Voicebrook is the leading provider of reporting solutions for pathology, with approximately 500 client sites and more than 3600 unique users across the US, Canada, and Australia. The VoiceOver PRO software application incorporates speech recognition, digital dictation, customizable templates, and an assortment of input devices, providing direct integration with the user’s Anatomic Pathology (AP) system. VoiceOver PRO allows pathology professionals to rapidly and accurately create pathology reports, choosing one of three customizable workflows. Learn more at www.voicebrook.com. Follow @voicebrook on Twitter.

About Incyte Diagnostics: 

Incyte Diagnostics is a private company founded in 1957 by pathologists to provide diagnostic pathology services throughout the Pacific Northwest. As a leader in anatomic and clinical pathology, Incyte Diagnostics combines expert interpretation with the latest technology to deliver the best results for clinicians and patients. The most current technology and testing available is utilized to enhance result accuracy, create efficiencies and detect diseases earlier. In addition to services provided to physicians' offices and clinics, Incyte Diagnostics contracts with hospitals to provide laboratory medical directorship and consultative services to improve patient outcomes, physician satisfaction and retention through innovation. Learn more at www.incytediagnostics.com.