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Why We Built That: Bootstrapper

Why We Built That: Bootstrapper

Ever wondered why people use the term “booting up your computer” or say they’re booting up a software application? This action was originally called bootstrapping, and alludes to the process of self-reliance by pulling yourself up "by your bootstraps.” Your computer (or software) knows how to start up on its own, or “boot up” because the coding instructions for booting are built into it.

Our VoiceOver PRO software has a bootstrapper, as well. But now we’ve built it so that the bootstrapper can update itself. Why is self-updating important? If changes are required to the bootstrapper application in future PRO releases, the self-updating enhancement means that machines running the PRO client will no longer need to have their bootstrapper manually reinstalled. Once the bootstrapper connects to the PRO Server, the bootstrapper pulls the new version down from the server automatically. Gotta love it when technology tends to itself without manual updates!

Along with the self-updating capability, we’ve made a number of security improvements to the PRO bootstrapper. For example, if a bad actor (such as a virus) were to replace the VoiceOver PRO executable file the bootstrapper can now detect that the file is not a Voicebrook-produced file and will not start the foreign application. That's a big deal in today’s world of healthcare cyberattacks and increased focus on cybersecurity.

What happens if the bootstrap fails to connect to the server? No worries -- you can still use VoiceOver PRO and keep going with your workday. PRO will start-up in offline mode when the server is inaccessible.

You’ll receive an alert if the PRO server can’t be reached and you’re in offline mode. In offline mode, your work will still be transferred into your AP system/LIS. However, previously dictated cases will not be retrievable until the connection to the PRO server has been re-established. PRO administration configuration changes cannot be made while in offline mode.

Interested in learning more about VoiceOver PRO? See it in action!