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Lindsey Pitsch

Lindsey Pitsch

Wife, mother of 4, Michigander, Vice President of Client Success, Forensic Pathology Assistant, Former Medical Examiner Investigator, Nerd, Sorority Adviser, Volunteer, Lover of Cooking and all things food.

Recent Posts by Lindsey Pitsch:

Using Templates Speeds Up Your Dictation and Improves accuracy

Most of us probably don’t pay much attention, but we use ‘templates’ in our everyday life.  We are using them so much, in fact, that our devices are even starting to figure out what we are going to say/type next.  For instance, when I go to fill out a form in Google and I start to type my name, Google will try to auto populate the other fields for address, email, phone number, etc.  Google knows that I have used this information many times before and has essentially created a template for me.  Of course the world of Pathology is much more complex than filling in fields for name and address, but there are still so many areas where you are likely saying the same or very similar phrases again and again.

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Introducing The Voicebrook Success Community

There's been a recurring theme to our blogs and newsletters. Maybe you've caught it? We've been asking our clients to provide us with feedback, and I want to personally thank all of you who took us up on our request. There are too many to name in this short blog, but from your responses, we've been working to improve your user experience. With that in mind, we are launching the Voicebrook Success Community.

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You Hear a lot About Templates, but How Do You Create Them?

One of the best ways to save time during dictation is to use templates. In my previous blog “You Use Templates Without Knowing - Make it Official,” I discussed how many users may think that they can’t use them due to the variability in their work. I noted that, while that can sometimes be the case, there are still many phrases that users dictate consistently.  When you do find consistency in your dictations we recommend creating a template in your speech recognition solution. Below, you'll find a step by step guide to creating your own templates along with five free examples to get you started.

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Audio Setup Wizard - Your Key to Better Speech Recognition

Do you ever feel like some days your recognition is really good and other days it's as if the system has gone crazy?  Some users even report that recognition is great in the morning, but after lunch Dragon or VoiceOver seems to keep making mistakes.  Whenever a user comes to me with this sort of issue, my first question is always, “When was the last time you ran the audio setup wizard?”  Unfortunately, the response is often, “The what?”

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URGENT: All VoiceOver Applications will be Unavailable Today

We regret to inform our users that our VoiceOver applications have experienced an unexpected problem and will be unavailable for use today, April 1, 2016. Please revert to your backup method of transcription, and note: you will not be compensated for this disruption of service.

April Fools!! Did I freak you out? If I was in your shoes, responsible for submitting patient results with life or death consequences, I would certainly be freaked out. Luckily, this is just a cruel April Fools Day joke, but let's really think about this. What happens when your main method of reporting goes down?

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