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Ross Weinstein

Ross Weinstein

Husband, Father, Australian Shepherd Owner, CEO, Corporate Culture Coordinator, Chief Marketing Officer, Problem Solver, Joker, Soccer Club President, Soccer Coach, Movie Aficionado, Scotch Lover, PhotoShopper, Web Designer, Copy Writer, Indie Music Lover, Sushi and Steak Lover, Can Head, Hair Stylist ------- Fan of: Tottenham Hotspur, Florida Gators, NY Yankees, NY Knicks, NY Giants, NY Islanders

Recent Posts by Ross Weinstein:

The Time To Do Right

These are clearly not normal times. We often hear that history repeats itself, and right now our nation is living through a disturbing and surreal version of the 1918 Flu Pandemic, The Great Depression, and the 1968 Race Riots… all at the same time. While Americans struggle with this reality, we observe a government that is struggling to cope with these crises on a national level or provide the guidance necessary to navigate and unify through these troubled times.

Report Builder LITE: Free, Easy, and Helpful

We were recently talking with a former client about acquiring our software for her new lab, and an interesting thing happened. This individual is a lab director who has used our VoiceOver reporting solution at her previous job. She left that role to accept a new position, in a lab that doesn’t use our software. 
During the conversation, she mentioned the impact that COVID-19 was having on her work and her lab. She said that she wished they had access to Voicebrook's reporting software during this pandemic.

Coronavirus: Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Voicebrook is nothing without people... the people who work here, the people we work with, and the people we serve. As the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the United States, we've found ourselves increasingly concerned about the health and safety of everyone in our communities.

New Year, New View

It might sound odd for a company that specializes in speech recognition technology to say, “Talk is cheap,” but it’s true. I apparently have a thing for making surprising statements like this, because in 2016, I wrote a blog post claiming that speech recognition is not a cost-effective solution for pathology. In that post, I explained that speech technology alone was unlikely to deliver a return on investment versus traditional transcription. Why? Although speech recognition can be a useful part of a diagnostic reporting solution, implementation of these tools alone without a thoughtful complement of technologies and workflow enhancements was proven to slow down pathologists, thus negating the efficiencies that laboratories were seeking to attain.

Three Critical Details For Incorporating a Speech Solution into a "Lean" Lab

The "Lean" movement began as a management philosophy for manufacturing companies to increase consistency, remove unnecessary steps, and eliminate waste. Although Lean was originally intended to improve industrialized product development, it is now heavily applied to service industries and healthcare, including surgical pathology labs. The goal of implementing Lean practices in a lab is to make significant cuts in expenses while improving patient safety and the satisfaction of referring physicians. This is done by creating efficiency that drives quicker and higher quality outcomes.

Often times, companies believe that investing in a new technology will lead to vast efficiency improvement. The reality is that unless carefully planned and incorporated into a Lean process, the results can be a mixed bag. In this blog I will attempt to point out a few of the many things that should be considered when implementing speech recognition based reporting solutions as part of a Lean laboratory strategy.