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Rick Levine

Rick Levine

Husband, father, professional presenter, speech recognition evangelist, DIY-er, college basketball lover, crossword puzzle addict, Chinese chef, die-hard Boston sports fan

Recent Posts by Rick Levine:

11 Most Common Questions About Pathology Speech Recognition Software

In my roles at Kurzweil, Lernout & Hauspie, Nuance, and now Voicebrook, I have been demonstrating speech recognition technology for more than 20 years starting with discrete speech technology, when “you”, “had”, “to”, “speak”, “like”, “this”.  In my current role as Manager of Sales Engineering, I am in front of potential customers performing demos and fielding questions.  Even though the technology has made tremendous strides and is becoming ubiquitous in modern life, the misconceptions and questions that I still hear have not changed much. Here is a list of the 11 most common questions and concerns that I have heard from prospective clients.