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Richard Friedman

Richard Friedman

Business and Economics Major by Schooling, Paleolithic Era Computing Manager, Chief Operating Officer and Sometimes Senior Administrator, 70’s Music Lover, Boating Enthusiast, Exotic Destination Traveler, Seafood Devotee, Sometimes Successful Health Food Disciple

Recent Posts by Richard Friedman:

Corporate Support for Charity Can't Be Measured by Financial Returns

Fact: According to the National Philanthropic Trust, U.S. corporations accounted for only 5% of the total contributions given to charities in 2011-12. In my view, that is a shamefully low number.

According to some well-known Corporate Social Responsibility firms…

  • Executives have started to ask how their companies can stop giving money away and getting nothing in return.
  • The business and social rewards for limiting donation programs that don’t produce results will, more and more, outweigh the risks.