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Filipe Carreira

Filipe Carreira

Husband, Father of two, New Yorker, Technologist, Problem Solver, Designer/Architect, Project Manager, Team Builder, Head of Operations, Product Owner, Certified Scrum Master, DIY Extraordinaire, Builder, Amateur Cyclist, Evolutionist, Lover of Learning from Others, Member of: New York CTO club, Society of Information Management, Project Management Institute

Recent Posts by Filipe Carreira:

How Any Mistake Can Be Used to Benefit Your Organization

I’m a firm believer in the importance of building great processes that complement the importance of people, their knowledge, and good judgment. Instead of creating a step-by-step procedure that a robot can follow, I believe a well-thought-out process should feature best practices and recommendations that team members can follow in order to deliver the outcomes that are expected of them.

Leadership and Lab Efficiency Go Hand in Hand with Quality Outcomes

I’ve experienced many different environments where we were in the process of implementing our solution, and the mix of customer behavior and motives has been diverse between them. As we navigate through various obstacles/challenges with a focus on “making customers successful" with speech recognition software for Pathology we find ourselves continually learning from experiences and asking, "what’s the secret to success?" That said, there’s one example that always comes to mind when I think about successful sites and the behaviors that led to success.

Embracing Technology Change Leads to New Opportunities

We all experience it... the difficulty of change. I've been championing change for most of my career as a project manager, head of technology operations for a media company, and now VP of Operations at Voicebrook. I have a real passion for what technology can do for us, and I'm blessed to be living through such an amazing time of technology innovation. Just think about what the smart phone has done for our lives and how much untapped potential is still out there. My only hope is that I'm able to experience what is still on the horizon in terms of major advancements (mainstream self-driving cars, no traffic...ever). Let me stop there or this blog will go on forever... :)