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Brian Juszcyk

Brian Juszcyk

Husband, father, road cyclist, Director of Solution Delivery, gamer, culinary hedonist, user of unnecessarily big words, computer scientist, Sci-Fi geek, poet, dry wine lover

Recent Posts by Brian Juszcyk:

We Hear You: How Client Feedback Transformed VoiceOver

Feedback is important in many ways.  As I’ve recently learned, telling a six year old not to touch a campfire because it’s hot didn’t really register.  However, a very minor burn later and she understood in a much clearer way than any message I could have given.  I can’t wait for the teenage years.   Fortunately, all feedback doesn’t have to be painful.

Four Steps to Help Your Users Effectively Learn New Software

Prior to my role as Director of the Solution Delivery team, I spent time in the field as an Implementation Specialist where I trained new users.   In this blog, I wanted to share my observations on the importance of planning to remove barriers to learning.

Three Keys to Drive Software Deployment Success

In my past roles as an Implementation Specialist and Project Manager, and my current position as Director of Solution Delivery, I've been involved in many kick-off meetings with clients as they begin to execute their VoiceOver software implementation.  During these discussions I always emphasize three key points that will help them maximize their success.  While these three points apply to our implementation methodologies, I thought I would share them as a way to potentially help our customers with other future technology implementations.