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With Speech Recognition, Even the Hardware is Customizable

When someone offering a speech recognition tool makes a reference to "hardware," he or she is referring to the physical tools such as microphones and foot pedals. Several hardware and accessory choices are available when implementing your solution. What some people may not realize is that there are different options to cater to personal preference. With the foot pedal, some users may like to tap the pedal to begin dictating, while others like to hold the pedal down for the duration of their dictation. Like speech recognition software, the foot pedal is customizable. Here are a couple options to consider:

The Buck Stops Here

Have you seen a typo in a blog post? Maybe a comma was missing? Chances are, that was the blog editor's fault. Sure, you could blame the person who wrote the blog and say, "Hey, that's the way the writer submitted it," but that's a lame excuse. The truth is, it's the editor's ultimate responsibility. Most people have something similar in their line of work. For pathologists, it's something far more serious than a wayward comma. It's the patient's report.