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Hands Full? Edit, Format and Navigate Reports with Speech Recognition

When you visualize yourself in the Gross Room, where are your hands? Chances are, the first thing you thought of was not your keyboard. Even in the office, your hands are more likely to be occupied by the microscope or your slides than by your mouse. One of the many perks of speech recognition software is the ability to dictate text and then format, edit, and even navigate reports without having to take your hands off your specimen. Here are just a few commands you can use with VoiceOver to make your reporting almost completely "hands-free."

4 Steps to Becoming a Speech Recognition Power User

As an Implementation Specialist with Voicebrook, I have the opportunity to give the initial presentation of VoiceOver to our clients in person and by interacting with them remotely. I train each user at a site using a one-on-one walkthrough method of instruction on speech recognition topics such as software overview, dictating fundamentals, tips for accuracy, editing text, correcting recognition errors, and the user manual. These topics are important, but I've also found a number of simple things that can enhance recognition accuracy and ease of use. Here are my top four tips and tricks to put VoiceOver users on the path to becoming power users.

Thinking About Speech Recognition? Get Users Involved Early

Technology changes in the lab can be sparked by any number of catalysts.  For instance, a PA hears from a friend about a new speech recognition system and brings it up to her manager and next thing you know VoiceOver is being installed.  Other times, Pathologists are looking for ways to have more control over their reports as well as the ability to sign things out without waiting for transcription.  Still other times, administration is looking for a way to save money, and they choose to bring in new technology to accomplish this goal.   While we do pride ourselves on helping our customers to save money, that specific reason for bringing in the VoiceOver solution is what can lead to trouble.