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Is Your Pathology Department Expecting? Get New Users up and Running

When we think of the new year approaching, many of us think about change.  We might start to think, "How can I make this year even better?"  We are doing the same thing here at Voicebrook.  We have been looking at our client needs over the past year and we have realized that A LOT of you have had new users.  These users might be PAs, Pathologists, or Residents.  They might be with you for a few weeks or a few years, but the process to get them set up to be productive in your facility always seems to be the same. We have spoken with many of our clients about what it takes to get someone up and running when they start.  The following are just a sample of what needs to occur:

CAP Today Explores Variances in Pathology Speech Recognition Adoption

This Q&A with Voicebrook CEO Ross Weinstein was published in the October 2015 issue of CAP Today. The content builds upon a three-part blog post that Ross wrote back in May

The reality is that not all sites and solutions are created equal.  Pathology laboratories planning for a successful speech recognition reporting implementation need to consider many variables apart from the technology that recognizes spoken words and converts them into text.  This Q&A provides a working list of differences between laboratories that must be considered before selecting and deploying the right solution for your lab.