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How to Improve a Lean Lab Workflow With Speech Recognition

We recently read the article, "Lean Six Sigma changing healthcare as more providers adopt methods" on the Healthcare Finance website. In the article, Sherree Geyer stated, “Lean Six Sigma is thriving in healthcare, a distinct change from two decades ago when the performance improvement methodologies were first introduced to the industry.” 

If Speech Recognition in Pathology is Your Elephant, Then Just Bite It

I have always loved the saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."  I can tell you that in my role as Account Manager at Voicebrook and in my personal life, this philosophy rings true for nearly every milestone I have met, every “elephant” I have eaten, and every new technology I have embraced.

We Hear You: How Your Feedback Improves the Service You Receive

In a recent blog post, "We Hear You: How Client Feedback Transformed VoiceOver," we discussed the importance of feedback in providing the best solutions for our clients. Consider this a follow-up intended to emphasize how truly important feedback is to us. Lindsey Pitsch is Voicebrook's Director of Client Operations, charged with ensuring that we are providing exceptional customer service. In order to achieve this, Lindsey outlined a core set of objectives that must take place in all support interactions with clients:

99% or Bust! How to Achieve High Levels of Speech Recognition Accuracy

When it comes to the speed and accuracy of dictation, speech recognition has evolved tremendously over the past 20-plus years. Although the way speech is recognized hasn’t changed, the computers and software of today can produce text at an accuracy of 98% or better, so it always catches our attention when we hear someone say “I can type faster” or “This computer just doesn’t understand me.” In order to achieve and maintain those levels of accuracy, here are a few areas we, as users, can focus on to maximize our dictation accuracy.

How to Prepare Your Lab Environment for a Speech Recognition Solution

One of the earliest priorities for a Project Manager in a VoiceOver implementation is to ensure that the physical dictation environment is properly setup for successful speech recognition use.   In many cases the PA or Pathologist may not have previously relied on a computer workstation as a regular part of their case reporting.  In other cases, if a computer workstation was available, it may not have been setup effectively to be utilized while working with case materials.  The reason it is so important to focus on the physical environment early in an implementation is that some of the requirements may involve equipment or physical setup that involves people or resources that take time to schedule or procure.