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Five Tips to Maximize Your Speech Recognition Software In the Lab

I have been with Voicebrook since 2011 in my role as Client Specialist.  During that time I have been asked many questions  regarding our best practices for improving dictation accuracy in the laboratory.  I have worked with 1000's of users with all different accents, technology experience, and Pathology experience, and I have found that these five ways to maximize your use of VoiceOver apply to everyone.

1. Speak Slower and Enunciate

When we are multitasking, we have a natural tendency to rush through a task so that we can focus on the other tasks at hand.

Howdy Partner

Welcome to the first in a series of insights on Partnering with Voicebrook.

As I stared at the blank screen that previously occupied this space, I thought about three things.

  1. Themes related to partnering*. In the Old West -- at least in the Old West According to Hollywood -- “Howdy Partner” was a common greeting.
    [That gets the word “partner” into a headline, check!]
  2. Beyond a snappy headline, how to transition and keep your attention?
    [Perhaps an interesting, relevant visual….]
  3. What kind of references will work for readers of this blog? As a (barely) Baby Boomer, addressing an audience of [I wonder who’s reading this?!?] our frames of reference may be partly or fully simpatico….
    [Or you might think I’m from Mars.]