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The ONLY speech recognition reporting platform designed exclusively for Pathology

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Report Creation Tools for the Way Pathology Works


VoiceOver is a desktop software application that incorporates speech recognition, digital dictation, customizable templates, and an assortment of input devices, providing direct integration with the user's Anatomic Pathology (AP) system. Pathology Reporting Workflow VoiceOver allows Pathology professionals to rapidly and accurately create pathology reports, choosing one of three workflows:

  • "front-end" speech recognition -- dictation is translated into text in real time via speech recognition; templates are used to enhance productivity and report consistency, and corrections are made by the user
  • digital dictation -- audio is stored and routed to assigned transcription resources
  • delegated medical editing -- dictation is translated into text in real time via speech recognition; templates may be used to enhance productivity and report consistency, report text and audio are routed to assigned transcription resources for correction

In each of these workflow options, VoiceOver is linked directly to the AP system, leveraging the underlying workflow for Pathology staff and transcription, insuring case matching and patient safety, and avoiding investment in additional servers with external interfaces.

Users open up an active case in the AP system by issuing a speech command, typing in an accession number, selecting from a list of assigned cases, or by swiping a barcode attached to the specimen container, slide or requisition.Complicate Pathology Reporting Soluctions  Once the case is open, the user can create, edit, and finalize a report in real-time by using a combination of speech recognition and templating.

The availability of multiple workflow options allow laboratories to implement speech recognition in a phased approach, enabling significant immediate and incremental benefits.

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Pathology Reporting Workflow Customizations for Your AP System

Most AP systems weren't designed with speech recognition in mind, and as a result, there are processes and input methods that are not immediately accessible by using generic speech recognition tools. Voicebrook has identified many of these common problem areas in AP systems and has built a set of tools to compensate for these shortcomings, allow Pathologists and PA's to rapidly create accurate reports, and strictly adhere to laboratory policy and requirements. Here are some things that you can do with VoiceOver, that otherwise would be difficult or impossible...

  • case confirmationcomplicated-workflow
  • specimen verification
  • synoptic reporting
  • CPT and ICD-9 coding
  • cassette confirmation
  • adding blocks
  • patient name spelling
  • auto-formatting options
  • bar code support
  • accession number recognition
  • automatic signature
  • case status change
  • custom zoom
  • dual screen support
  • automatic report backup
  • insert and delete report sections
  • view requisitions
  • digital image navigation
  • automate actions on report open/close
  • order special stains or tests
  • AP system downtime procedure

In addition to support for these routines and workflows, VoiceOver can be customized to "voice-enable" almost any AP system functionality, making it the most adaptable speech recognition product for the Pathology market.

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