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Nick Dnyprowsky

Nick Dnyprowsky

Husband, Father, Solution Analyst, Pathology Tech, Innovator, Challenger, Enthusiastic, Outdoorsy, Foodie

Recent Posts by Nick Dnyprowsky:

When Your Speech Recognition Solution Won't Recognize A Certain Word

Speech recognition seems to be everywhere these days. Just say, "Hey Siri" or "Ok Google," and dictate a command without even picking up your smart phone. While this technology continues to improve, it's not perfect. Think about how many times you have to correct a word Siri or Google doesn't recognize. Thankfully, speech recognition for medicine is miles ahead of your smart phone. For Pathologists, it gets even better. VoiceOver is the ONLY speech recognition solution specifically tailored to Pathology. Still, there may be a word that just won't be recognized properly. This is a short blog about one such case.

Topics: Speech Recognition Tips and Tricks Accuracy Improvement

Printing Blocks in PowerPath using VoiceOver

histology_cassette_labels.jpgHave you ever grossed a specimen and realized that additional blocks needed to be printed? I remember working on-site in the Gross Room years ago and a Pathologists Assistant remarked, "I wish I could print blocks using VoiceOver." 

Having been in that position myself as a former grossing technician, I understood the frustration and went back to my team with the challenge of coming up with a solution to address this need.  We evaluated the process the site used to print blocks and developed a set of voice commands to achieve this.

Included below is a video that demonstrates this solution.

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Best Practices for Creating Quick and Accurate Pathology Templates

What is a VoiceOver Template? You may call them Macros or Canned Text statements. The VoiceOver Template Center is a utility that helps our users reduce documentation time, trains Pathology Residents, and sets departmental reporting standards for Gross Descriptions and Diagnoses in Pathology Reports.

It is not uncommon for me to hear from users that, "I am NOT a template person". Given that most people did not use templates prior to switching to our solution this makes sense, but did you know that reporting with VoiceOver Templates can reduce report errors, make your reports more readable, and help you report faster?

Topics: Voiceover Templates Tips and Tricks