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Michael Gonsalves

Michael Gonsalves

Father of 3, Autism Awareness Supporter, Manager of Implementation and IT Projects, Developer, BA, Active MMA/Gym/Sports Player, Artist, Movie Buff, and huge Fan of Tolkien Books, The NY Mets, and Marvel

Recent Posts by Michael Gonsalves:

What to do When Speech Recognition is Coming to Your Lab

Another year is coming to an end, and perhaps, after months of unanswered help wanted ads, you've decided that, "These Aren't the Pathology Transcriptionists You're Looking for." It's time to look at a speech recognition solution for the new year. Or perhaps you already have a solution, but it's time for an upgrade. The process can seem overwhelming, but there are a few steps, common to both a new implementation or an upgrade, that will help lead you to a successful project. To help, we designed this task list for what to do when speech recognition is coming to your lab.

Topics: Templates Speech Recognition Workflow Pathology

Things VoiceOver Sites Need to Know Before Changing Their Environment

As a Project Manager at Voicebrook, I often find myself managing smaller projects for clients who have recently upgraded "something" in their environment.  Many people don't realize, but even upgrades of other hardware or software require organization and planning to maximize the success and minimize the disruption involved in making the change. Properly planning an upgrade is extremely important, as technologies are often linked together in such a way that when one piece is upgraded, others require changes to keep them working optimally.  In our experience those who ignore the importance of managing these changes as a project, jeopardize user satisfaction and in extreme cases will create unnecessary downtime or user software abandonment.

Topics: AP System Custom Service Best Practices Process Improvement Client Services

3 Ways to Help Prepare for Your VoiceOver Implementation

You've identified your pain points, done the research, made the decision, fought hard for the funding, and signed all of the paperwork. Now you are ready to empower your words to start saving time, money and lives! So what's the next step? Preparation for success!

As a Project Manager at Voicebrook, I witness both the excitement and the anxiety from our clients when we kickoff a new project. In my role, I take center stage to an audience of eager professionals who rely on me to manage their implementation from start to finish. Our clients are excited and want their VoiceOver solution working for them as quickly as possible, but this doesn't just happen magically. To be successful, it takes a level of effort from both sides. Preparing, even in advance of our project kickoff can be a huge advantage to ensure that your VoiceOver Implementation goes smoothly.

Topics: Best Practices Success Management Process Improvement Voiceover