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Joe Desiderio

Joe Desiderio

Voicebrook President. Responsible for strategic alliances and other various items (including but not limited to occasional furniture assembly). Cognitive science/philosophy/Excel/VBA geek. Hockey dad, beer league player and rabid Islanders fan. Generator of esoteric references.

Recent Posts by Joe Desiderio:

The Rhythm of Mutual Customers

In past entries, I’ve written about relatively conceptual topics related to strategic partnerships. This post covers one tactic we've found very effective for helping strengthen our relationships with both our strategic allies and with our customers.

At Voicebrook, we have adopted Rhythm Systems as a methodology to manage our business from long-term and short-term planning through daily execution. In addition to the specific tools and methodology provided, the concept of rhythm is particularly relevant to success with strategic alliances.

Topics: Partners Partner Relationship Management

Partner Math

Recently, our son took the SAT college admission test -- a rite of passage for teenagers around the globe (and a main driver of an estimated $4 billion industry for worldwide test prep).

In tribute, here’s an SAT-inspired question from the Partner Math section. Get your #2 pencil ready!

1+1 = ________
  a. 3
  b. 1
  c. 1.2 + 1.8
  d. All of the above

Topics: Partners Alliance Strategic Relationship Co-marketing

Howdy Partner: School Is Back in Session

One of my main priorities at Voicebrook is to identify, create, and grow strategic alliances that complement our Pathology speech recognition reporting solutions. To support this priority, I have conducted a fair amount of research on best practices, and processes related to strategic alliance management, which we incorporate into our business practices.

This is personally equally challenging and satisfying, as these relationships cut across nearly all facets of our business, and involve many different individuals, with varying perspectives and goals.

Topics: Business Development Partners Strategic Relationship

Patient Advocacy and Patient Engagement in the Pathology Community

In the past, I have written about issues directly related to our speech recognition solution in Pathology. Today, I’m changing it up a little and paying tribute to three particular Patient Advocates, each of whom has had significant experience with cancer.  The purpose is to highlight their experiences and use their stories as examples of patients having a positive impact on the Pathology community and treatment of future patients.

Topics: Healthcare Pathology

Speaking of the Pathology Informatics Summit 2015...

Last week, I attended the Pathology Informatics Summit 2015 in Pittsburgh, a conference that brings together hundreds of the leading informatics experts of the pathology world. The stated objectives of the conference were to:

Topics: Partners Marketing Trade Shows