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Spare the Gross Details - No Pun Intended

Recently, in a cleaning frenzy, I took some time to assess my home office workspace.   The tools that I use on a daily basis, all so dear and familiar to me, did not pass my assessment.  Truth be told, they were tattered and worn out.   My printer-fax-scanner combo continued to miss the third page of every document as it had for years, my chair had a broken wheel, and my headset wires were exposed.  How is it that I use these tools daily, yet I pay no attention to their condition?  As a bit of a penny-pincher, I will admit that I tend to look past wear and tear until it breaks.  My husband is the ‘preventive maintenance’ guy while I tend to be the ‘use it to death’ gal.  Not only was my workspace in dire need of an overhaul, some items needed to go for the sake of sanitation…I’ll spare you the gross details.  No pun intended.

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To DIY or Not to DIY? Support Makes all the Difference

Imagine this: It’s a cold and dark Monday morning. You sluggishly enter your office at work, dreading the upgrade to the pathology software your team implemented several years ago. With years of experience now under your belt implementing, using, and troubleshooting this fancy software, you start to get that gut-wrenching sensation because your “upgrades” in the past have been more like downgrades. Plus, all your department’s custom made workflows, templates, and other shortcuts will need to be re-written.

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