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You Use Templates Without Knowing - Make it Official [Free Download]

Most of us probably don’t pay much attention, but we use ‘templates’ in our everyday life.  We are using them so much, in fact, that our devices are even starting to figure out what we are going to say/type next.  For instance, when I go to fill out a form in Google and I start to type my name, Google will try to auto populate the other fields for address, email, phone number, etc.  Google knows that I have used this information many times before and has essentially created a template for me.  Of course the world of Pathology is much more complex than filling in fields for name and address, but there are still so many areas where you are likely saying the same or very similar phrases again and again.

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Looking for Speech Recognition? These 3 Things Often Get Overlooked

When people talk about new technologies, the challenges are usually what comes up first. It doesn't have to be this way. Often, there are added benefits and rewards to a new technology that improve existing processes. After implementing VoiceOver, I have users tell me they are surprised by some of these, and I wonder, "Why?" The answer is that they weren't looking for these benefits when they were deciding on a speech recognition solution in Pathology. Here are the top three things that users find beneficial that get overlooked:

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Partner Math

Recently, our son took the SAT college admission test -- a rite of passage for teenagers around the globe (and a main driver of an estimated $4 billion industry for worldwide test prep).

In tribute, here’s an SAT-inspired question from the Partner Math section. Get your #2 pencil ready!

1+1 = ________
  a. 3
  b. 1
  c. 1.2 + 1.8
  d. All of the above

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XP is No Longer Supported - What This Could Mean for HIPAA Compliance

Windows eXPired . . . It’s time to move on.

It has been over a year since Microsoft has officially supported or upgraded the Windows XP operating system. As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft stopped issuing security updates and giving technical support to its partners and customers. For many users that day went unnoticed, and XP machines continued to work the same way as always. When Microsoft announced this drop in support, the healthcare industry began buzzing about what it meant to us and its impact on health information, in particular to the HIPAA guidelines. The debate continues to this day. To my surprise, a quick check of our supported customer workstations found that over 20% are still running Windows XP.