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Howdy Partner: School Is Back in Session

One of my main priorities at Voicebrook is to identify, create, and grow strategic alliances that complement our Pathology speech recognition reporting solutions. To support this priority, I have conducted a fair amount of research on best practices, and processes related to strategic alliance management, which we incorporate into our business practices.

This is personally equally challenging and satisfying, as these relationships cut across nearly all facets of our business, and involve many different individuals, with varying perspectives and goals.

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Three Questions to Ask When Selecting a Pathology Dictation Microphone

Selecting the right microphone for your Pathology speech recognition environment can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t need to be.   Not all microphones that work for other applications or environments can be counted upon to work well for speech recognition applications.   Our team has tested a wide variety of microphone hardware directly with our application, so it takes the guesswork out.  We have also integrated many microphone controls directly into our VoiceOver application.  Only the best options become our recommendations.  There are a few basic questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the right microphone for your environment.

Topics: Best Practices Speech Recognition Technology microphone

We Hear You: How Client Feedback Transformed VoiceOver

Feedback is important in many ways.  As I’ve recently learned, telling a six year old not to touch a campfire because it’s hot didn’t really register.  However, a very minor burn later and she understood in a much clearer way than any message I could have given.  I can’t wait for the teenage years.   Fortunately, all feedback doesn’t have to be painful.

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Why Pathology Reporting Workflow Instructions Are Important?

In my role as an Implementation Specialist, I don’t know how many times I have said, “The most important thing about the workflow document is the instructions on the left.” I often say it two or three times in a single training session; it’s that important! Our site-specific workflow documents contain a lot of information about the voice commands used to navigate through dictating a report, but it’s critical to focus on the actual instructions when learning how to use the technology.

Topics: Best Practices Tips and Tricks Workflow

How Any Mistake Can Be Used to Benefit Your Organization

I’m a firm believer in the importance of building great processes that complement the importance of people, their knowledge, and good judgment. Instead of creating a step-by-step procedure that a robot can follow, I believe a well-thought-out process should feature best practices and recommendations that team members can follow in order to deliver the outcomes that are expected of them.

Topics: LEAN About Us Process Improvement

Corporate Support for Charity Can't Be Measured by Financial Returns

Fact: According to the National Philanthropic Trust, U.S. corporations accounted for only 5% of the total contributions given to charities in 2011-12. In my view, that is a shamefully low number.

According to some well-known Corporate Social Responsibility firms…

  • Executives have started to ask how their companies can stop giving money away and getting nothing in return.
  • The business and social rewards for limiting donation programs that don’t produce results will, more and more, outweigh the risks.
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