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Time, Money, and Lives Blog

Four Steps to Help Your Users Effectively Learn New Software

Prior to my role as Director of the Solution Delivery team, I spent time in the field as an Implementation Specialist where I trained new users.   In this blog, I wanted to share my observations on the importance of planning to remove barriers to learning.

Topics: Best Practices Success Management Process Improvement Technology

Five Things to Know When Preparing to Create VoiceOver Templates

In  recent blog article, “Best Practices for Creating Quick and Accurate Pathology Templates” he describes the benefits and best practices for creating Pathology reporting templates. In this blog post, I will expand upon the foundational understanding that Nick provided, and dig into some other important and more advanced concepts when creating Pathology templates with VoiceOver. 

Topics: Voiceover Templates Tips and Tricks

Things VoiceOver Sites Need to Know Before Changing Their Environment

As a Project Manager at Voicebrook, I often find myself managing smaller projects for clients who have recently upgraded "something" in their environment.  Many people don't realize, but even upgrades of other hardware or software require organization and planning to maximize the success and minimize the disruption involved in making the change. Properly planning an upgrade is extremely important, as technologies are often linked together in such a way that when one piece is upgraded, others require changes to keep them working optimally.  In our experience those who ignore the importance of managing these changes as a project, jeopardize user satisfaction and in extreme cases will create unnecessary downtime or user software abandonment.

Topics: AP System Custom Service Best Practices Process Improvement Client Services

Patient Advocacy and Patient Engagement in the Pathology Community

In the past, I have written about issues directly related to our speech recognition solution in Pathology. Today, I’m changing it up a little and paying tribute to three particular Patient Advocates, each of whom has had significant experience with cancer.  The purpose is to highlight their experiences and use their stories as examples of patients having a positive impact on the Pathology community and treatment of future patients.

Topics: Healthcare Pathology