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Best Practices for Creating Quick and Accurate Pathology Templates

What is a VoiceOver Template? You may call them Macros or Canned Text statements. The VoiceOver Template Center is a utility that helps our users reduce documentation time, trains Pathology Residents, and sets departmental reporting standards for Gross Descriptions and Diagnoses in Pathology Reports.

It is not uncommon for me to hear from users that, "I am NOT a template person". Given that most people did not use templates prior to switching to our solution this makes sense, but did you know that reporting with VoiceOver Templates can reduce report errors, make your reports more readable, and help you report faster?

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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly -- Provide Product Feedback


Help Us Help You

I am struck by how often we as consumers buy products or solutions and feel that the company providing our solution could have served our needs better. We even sometimes think we know what could have been done better to improve the product, but not many of us pick up the phone or go to our trusty email account and tell the company how we think the solution could have been better. We all just learn to live with it “as is” and assume that is as good as it is going to be until the vendor makes improvements to the product or until a better product comes along...maybe another company’s product at that.

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Five Tips to Maximize Your Speech Recognition Software In the Lab

I have been with Voicebrook since 2011 in my role as Client Specialist.  During that time I have been asked many questions  regarding our best practices for improving dictation accuracy in the laboratory.  I have worked with 1000's of users with all different accents, technology experience, and Pathology experience, and I have found that these five ways to maximize your use of VoiceOver apply to everyone.

1. Speak Slower and Enunciate

When we are multitasking, we have a natural tendency to rush through a task so that we can focus on the other tasks at hand.

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Howdy Partner

Welcome to the first in a series of insights on Partnering with Voicebrook.

As I stared at the blank screen that previously occupied this space, I thought about three things.

  1. Themes related to partnering*. In the Old West -- at least in the Old West According to Hollywood -- “Howdy Partner” was a common greeting.
    [That gets the word “partner” into a headline, check!]
  2. Beyond a snappy headline, how to transition and keep your attention?
    [Perhaps an interesting, relevant visual….]
  3. What kind of references will work for readers of this blog? As a (barely) Baby Boomer, addressing an audience of [I wonder who’s reading this?!?] our frames of reference may be partly or fully simpatico….
    [Or you might think I’m from Mars.]
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