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UPMC Case Study Speech Recognition

These dramatic benefits achieved at Stony Brook University Hospital were referenced in the CAP Today article, "Hear me now? Another audition for speech recognition."

Download the Stony Brook study, and learn how you can start saving time, money, and lives!

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The End Result Was Freedom

VoiceOver is as important to me as my microscope. It allows me to produce reports in a timely and efficient fashion and to effectively communicate with my clinicians.  I can't imagine how we would have been successful without a company like Voicebrook, whose focus is on Pathology reporting. It was money well spent.


Robert C. Babkowski, MD, FCAP
Chair, Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medical Director
Stamford Pathology Group, PC
Stamford Hospital Health System

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Voicebrook is the ONLY provider of speech recognition and reporting solutions EXCLUSIVELY for Pathology. Every day we impact your laboratories by providing dictation and reporting software to accurately and immediately capture and display the words you use to diagnose disease.

We provide you with flexible and intelligent solutions that adapt to your Anatomic Pathology Systems, your workflow, your role, your task, your style, and your personal preferences, empowering you to TAKE CONTROL of your diagnostic reports, and liberating you from the limitations of traditional transcription processes.

Unless you have a voice recognition expert, a Pathology reporting workflow expert, and a hardware and technology expert on staff with a lot of time on their hands, VoiceOver is the ONLY solution you should be looking at (and even then, we have a 15 year head start).

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