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You Hear Lots About Templates, But How Do You Create Them?

One of the best ways to save time during dictation is to use templates. In a previous blog “You Use Templates Without Knowing - Make it Official,” we discussed how many users may think that they can’t use them due to the variability in their work. We noted that, while that can sometimes be the case, there are still many phrases that users dictate consistently.  When you do find consistency in your dictations we recommend creating a template in your speech recognition solution. Below, you'll find a step by step guide to creating your own templates along with five free examples to get you started.


Recommendations for templates:

  • Templates should be something that you dictate often, even if there are variables (see cartoon above)
  • The text should be greater than 5 words, but it can be a long as you’d like
  • Template names should be 1-3 words and should not contain letters or numbers if possible (i.e. appendix gross)

How to create a template by voice:

Step 1: Dictate the text into Speech Box or Microsoft Word.

Step 2: Add variables to the dictated text by replacing any items that may change (i.e. measurements) with brackets [].

Step 3: Select the text to be used

  • If the only text you have dictated is what will be used for the template you can say "Select All"
  • If you only want a portion of the text turned into a template say "Select <word> through <word>"

Step 4: Say "Create Template"

  • The 'Adding Template' dialog box will appear
  • Speak or type information into the Name, Description, Group, and Category fields as desired
    • Note that the Name field is the only required field

Step 5: Say 'OK.' The template will now save to your profile.

If you've never used one, here are 5 gross templates to get you started. Edit them as you need and follow steps 3 through 5 to add them to your speech recognition solution!

Essential Gross Templates [Free Download] ›

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