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Stay up to Date With CAP Cancer Checklists

Whether you're CAP accredited or not, you've probably heard of the cancer checklists following the CAP Cancer Protocol Templates. Even outside the United States, Pathology departments are using these checklists; they are considered the "gold standard" for cancer reporting. While previously paper based, the electronic cancer checklists (eCC) now allow for standardized, searchable cancer data to be accessed instantly anywhere in the world.

CAP is continuously improving its protocols, and it can be a challenge for Pathology departments to maintain their electronic versions and keep pace with the changes. That's where we come in. Voicebrook's Structured Results Entry (SRE) module allows Pathologists to use speech recognition to easily and accurately dictate CAP checklists that are 100% CAP compliant. We take care of updates and revisions so you don't have to.

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Audio Setup Wizard - Your Key to Better Speech Recognition

Do you ever feel like some days your recognition is really good and other days it's as if the system has gone crazy?  Some users even report that recognition is great in the morning, but after lunch Dragon or VoiceOver seems to keep making mistakes.  Whenever a user comes to me with this sort of issue, my first question is always, “When was the last time you ran the audio setup wizard?”  Unfortunately, the response is often, “The what?”

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Printing Blocks in PowerPath using VoiceOver

histology_cassette_labels.jpgHave you ever grossed a specimen and realized that additional blocks needed to be printed? I remember working on-site in the Gross Room years ago and a Pathologists Assistant remarked, "I wish I could print blocks using VoiceOver." 

Having been in that position myself as a former grossing technician, I understood the frustration and went back to my team with the challenge of coming up with a solution to address this need.  We evaluated the process the site used to print blocks and developed a set of voice commands to achieve this.

Included below is a video that demonstrates this solution.

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The Rhythm of Mutual Customers

In past entries, I’ve written about relatively conceptual topics related to strategic partnerships. This post covers one tactic we've found very effective for helping strengthen our relationships with both our strategic allies and with our customers.

At Voicebrook, we have adopted Rhythm Systems as a methodology to manage our business from long-term and short-term planning through daily execution. In addition to the specific tools and methodology provided, the concept of rhythm is particularly relevant to success with strategic alliances.

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URGENT: All VoiceOver Applications will be Unavailable Today

We regret to inform our users that our VoiceOver applications have experienced an unexpected problem and will be unavailable for use today, April 1, 2016. Please revert to your backup method of transcription, and note: you will not be compensated for this disruption of service.

April Fools!! Did I freak you out? If I was in your shoes, responsible for submitting patient results with life or death consequences, I would certainly be freaked out. Luckily, this is just a cruel April Fools Day joke, but let's really think about this. What happens when your main method of reporting goes down?

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