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Press Release

Voicebrook to Present Revolutionary Reporting Solution at AAPA Annual Conference

VoiceOver PRO®, Pathology Reporting Optimized, offers Pathologists' Assistants a simple, flexible, reliable and efficient solution for reporting in the gross room. This intelligent, speech-based solution allows PAs to focus on their work, not their technology with hands-free navigation and smart behaviors that dramatically reduce dictation time.

Lake Success, NY, September 24, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Voicebrook will demonstrate its new reporting platform, VoiceOver PRO, Pathology Reporting Optimized, at the American Association of Pathologists' Assistants Annual Continuing Education Conference at the New Orleans Marriott in New Orleans, LA. Representatives will be available at booth #215 on Wednesday, September 26 and Thursday the 27th.

“We are excited to be able to present an intelligent reporting solution that brings the benefits of front-end speech recognition into the cutting room,” said Michael Cipriani, CTO and Solution Architect at Voicebrook, who started his career as a PA. “PRO’s templates and smart behaviors allow users to dictate gross descriptions quickly and easily while the PRO Assistant takes care of formatting, calculations, and static text editing.”

Speech recognition software has delivered substantial efficiency and quality gains to Pathology departments, but it is common for Pathologists' Assistants to feel left out of benefits such as faster turnaround-time and more accurate reports. With traditional transcription, a PA might dictate a report into a recorder and hand it off to someone else, but with front-end speech recognition software, they are required to do their own proofreading, formatting, and editing. VoiceOver PRO alleviates these issues with the revolutionary PRO Assistant®, a set of smart behaviors built to speed up and simplify dictation while drastically reducing the need for corrections. In fact, dictating reports with VoiceOver PRO is 2.2 times faster than dictating with Dragon or MModal. Automatic formatting, part placement, cassette summary updates, default text, and auto-fill fields within templates eliminates redundant dictation and formatting after the fact. PRO also features automatic calculations for fields such as ischemic time and time in fixation to save PAs extra work and to ensure accuracy.

Pathologists' Assistants already using the solution have been impressed and excited by the time saving features of VoiceOver PRO. Clinton McCann of Kalispell Regional Medical Center said, “PRO is extremely impressive.  I was already a proficient speech recognition user, but this has been a game changer.  Recently, I nearly broke our all-time record for the number of blocks grossed in a single day.  When that record was set, I had to work late to get it all done.  With PRO I was still able to leave on time.  The functions for dictating cassettes really help speed things up.”

VoiceOver PRO is the simplest and most accurate way to create Pathology reports . PRO’s Report Builder® allows users to create and view entire reports in one place without having to toggle between windows. Gross templates are automatically formatted to laboratory standards and allow for easy capture of discrete data in synoptic reports. This intelligent reporting tool is designed to improve quality, speed, and productivity while reducing cost to maximize benefits for all members of the Pathology department.

To learn more about PRO, visit www.voicebrook.com/pro or click the link below.

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About Voicebrook:

Voicebrook was founded in 2002 by Pathology and Speech Recognition industry veterans and is based in Long Island, New York. With over 550 sites across the US, Canada, and Australia, Voicebrook is the leading provider of speech recognition and reporting solutions for Pathology. VoiceOver PRO is the ONLY speech recognition-based reporting solution tailored to Pathology. VoiceOver PRO integrates directly with all major Anatomic Pathology systems and expands upon core Dragon® Medical functionality to ensure the highest levels of success with speech recognition in any laboratory environment, empowering Pathologists to save time, save money, and save lives.

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