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VoiceOver PRO is the revolutionary speech recognition-based reporting solution tailored to the unique needs of Pathology. PRO allows Pathology professionals to effortlessly create high-quality, standardized reports faster than ever before, and grants users peace of mind knowing that the solution is always available.

This intelligent reporting tool is designed to improve quality, speed, and productivity while reducing cost to maximize return on investment for any laboratory. With VoiceOver PRO, your laboratory receives a solution that is simple, flexible, reliable, and efficient.

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 Focus on your patient’s report, not your technology. Create the entire report, hands-free and all in one place. Stress-free dictation turns your words into data and formats the report to be quickly interpreted by the referring physician. VoiceOver PRO is easy to learn, easy to use, and creates reports that are easy to understand. Take comfort in knowing that VoiceOver PRO is always there to help
even when your AP system or network connection is down, allowing you to work at any time. Dictate with confidence and the assurance that
your words will be transcribed accurately and that your PRO Assistant
provides a second set of eyes to validate your results.
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Take control of your Pathology report with a solution that is tailored to meet your laboratory requirements. Content and formatting are designed to conform with your best practices. VoiceOver PRO offers support for accents as well as multiple dictation workflows and configurations to fit the needs of individual users. PRO integrates with any AP system using any infrastructure in any laboratory environment, exceeding the needs of even the most demanding laboratory or users.

Build the highest quality reports faster and with fewer inputs. Your PRO
Assistant is loaded with features that increase productivity, allowing youto do more with less. VoiceOver PRO improves turnaround time,
eliminates bottlenecks and costs associated with transcription, increases your capacity to take on new business, and optimizes your AP System to maximize your ROI.


You speak

We build

VoiceOver PRO

VoiceOver PRO is a desktop software application that incorporates speech recognition, digital dictation, customizable templates, and an assortment of input devices, providing direct integration with the user's Anatomic Pathology (AP) system. VoiceOver PRO allows Pathology professionals to rapidly and accurately create pathology reports, choosing one of three workflows:

  • 100% Front-end capture and report creation -- dictation is translated into text in real time via speech recognition; templates are used to enhance productivity and report consistency, and corrections are made by the user.
  • PRO Recorder -- digital recording is stored and routed to assigned transcription resources.
  • Delegated Medical Reporting -- dictation is translated into text in real time via speech recognition; templates may be used to enhance productivity and report consistency, report text and audio are routed to assigned transcription resources for correction.

In each of these workflow options, VoiceOver PRO is linked directly to the AP system, leveraging the underlying workflow for Pathology staff and transcription, ensuring case matching and patient safety, and avoiding investment in additional servers with external interfaces.

Users open up an active case in the AP system by issuing a speech command, typing in an accession number, selecting from a list of assigned cases, or by swiping a barcode attached to the specimen container, slide or requisition.  Once the case is open, the user can create, edit, and finalize a report in real-time by using a combination of speech recognition and templating.

The availability of multiple workflow options allow laboratories to implement speech recognition in a phased approach, enabling significant immediate and incremental benefits.