Pathologists Complete 20% More Reports Per Day

Our transcription process was not meeting our expectations. We had typical human related issues – transcriptionists calling in sick, leaving early, arriving late, and demonstrating lack of concentration. This resulted in suboptimal turnaround time and reports that needed to be more closely scrutinized for accuracy.

We looked at implementing Dragon Medical through a local reseller, but after Voicebrook showed us what it takes to fully address all aspects of workflow, conform to our standards, optimize our use of templates, and prepare, train and support our staff, I realized that without Voicebrook our transition to speech recognition would have been more difficult.

The ease of creating and using templates was a huge selling point for us. Voicebrook took our existing reports and converted them into reusable templates with standardized formatting and content, which can be accessed by all pathologists. Voicebrook also helped us set up an on-screen review of history (working drafts) while dictating -- helping us go “paperless”. We also chose to use Bluetooth technology, so that we are not tethered by a cord.

The quality of our reports is better since switching to VoiceOver®. We improved patient safety, because transcription error is eliminated. I can sign out a case the minute I finish dictating, so if a clinician calls me because they need an urgent diagnosis, I can dictate it, sign it out, and get the report to them quickly.

Our practice continues to grow. I am dictating more cases using VoiceOver than I was prior to the switch. Overall, it is more efficient as it takes less time to dictate and finalize cases.

I can’t imagine how we would have been successful without a company like Voicebrook, whose focus is on Pathology reporting. It was money well spent.

Robert C. Babkowski, MD, FCAP
Chair, Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medical Director
Stamford Pathology Group, PC
Stamford Hospital Health System

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