Speech Recognition
Features & Capabilities
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Highly accurate, fast, secure, and healthcare compliant clinical speech recognition icon_green_check   icon_green_check icon_green_check 
Medical vocabulary, specialty language models, regional accent support icon_green_check  icon_green_check  icon_green_check 
Pathology vocabulary optimized for organization, vernacular and role icon_green_check icon_red_x icon_green_check
Discrete Data Capture of Report Text icon_green_check   icon_red_x  icon_green_check_ast
Allred Scoring System Calculator,
Gleason Score Calculator,
Time in Fixation/Ischemic Calculation
icon_green_check  icon_red_x  icon_red_x
Cassette Summary Tool icon_green_check  icon_red_x icon_red_x
Diagnosis Builder icon_green_check  icon_red_x icon_red_x
Field Validation icon_green_check  icon_red_x icon_red_x
Auto Plurality Modifier icon_green_check  icon_red_x icon_red_x
Global and user specific report formatting and configuration icon_green_check  icon_red_x icon_green_check 
CAP eCC compliant template set, tools, validation rules, and quarterly updates icon_green_check  icon_red_x icon_green_check_ast 
8th Edition AJCC support icon_green_check  icon_red_x icon_green_check_ast 
Standardized Gross template set icon_green_check  icon_red_x icon_green_check 
Synoptic reporting tools icon_green_check  icon_red_x icon_green_check_ast 
Delegated medical workflow - speech recognition with 3rd party editing icon_green_check  icon_red_x icon_green_check 
Digital dictation featuring PRO Recorder - digital recording and transcription icon_green_check   icon_red_x icon_red_x 
*With additional purchase of SRE

Report Builder ®

  • Single window for creating and viewing reports
  • Library of standardized gross, microscopic, and diagnostic templates
  • Synoptic reporting tools
  • Structured data capture
  • CAP content and support

Down-time/Offline Reporting

  • Availability when AP system is down
  • Availability when network or internet connection is lost
  • Document storage and recovery

PRO Assistant

  • Smart Behaviors
    • Auto-advance through templates
    • Fields auto-fill based on previous inputs
    • Automatic part placement
    • Cassette summary tool
  • Formatting
    • Customized to site specifications
    • Automatic editing of static text
    • Heading up reports
  • Accuracy Assurance
    • Field validation
    • Automatic calculation
      • Ischemic time
      • Time in fixative
      • Gleason Score

Speech Recognition

  • Highest accuracy on the market
  • Fast response time
  • Smart corrections
  • Optimized Pathology vocabulary
  • Adaptable speech models
  • Regional accent support
  • Voice command and control

Infrastructure Integration

  • Consistent user experience across all AP systems
  • Configured for any IT environment
  • Encrypted and HIPAA compliant