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Press Release

Voicebrook to Exhibit at SUG 2012 Annual Conference and Exhibition

Company to demonstrate industry-leading solutions for PowerPath® and CoPathPlus

Lake Success, NY, August 5, 2012
-- Voicebrook, the leading provider of integrated speech recognition and digital dictation solutions for Pathology, today announces that it will be exhibiting at Sunquest's SUG 2012 Annual Conference and Exhibition in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Conference is being held from August 6th through the 10th, and members of the Voicebrook team will be available in booth #2 to discuss solutions and provide demonstrations.

Voicebrook's VoiceOver® solution is currently integrated with Sunquest's PowerPath® or CoPathPlus anatomic pathology (AP) systems in approximately 50 laboratories, and is deployed in over 200 hospitals and laboratories across the United States, Canada, and Australia. It features the most accurate speech recognition technology (Dragon® 360), powerful self-edit tools, a robust templating system, and the ability to defer editing of a dictation or delegate it to a designated editor. When combined with VoiceOver® PowerPath® and CoPathPlus workflow Personalities, pathologists navigate by voice and dictate their reports directly into either AP System in a hands-free laboratory environment.

VoiceOver® Sunquest integration personalities include comprehensive collections of voice commands and productivity tools that enable users to achieve the highest level of success with speech recognition technologies. Pathologists can dictate, review, and sign-off on their reports immediately, eliminating the need for third-party transcription, or they can elect to use the newly optimized VoiceOver® Recorder or Delegated Medical Editing add-on, which enables users to create digital dictations that are routed for deferred transcription or third-party editing. The combination of real time speech recognition and traditional transcription workflow tools provides our customers with a complete reporting solution that can meet the needs of the most diverse Pathology laboratories.

E. Bruce Sopko, VP Sales said, "We are excited to attend the SUG 2012 Annual Conference. Sunquest and Voicebrook share many mutual clients and we have provided almost 50 sites with unparalleled success using our products alongside the Sunquest AP System offerings for the dictation of Pathology Reports. We look forward to meeting with our existing clients, the Sunquest team, and representatives of other sites who are considering our products."

For more information, please visit www.voicebrook.com.

About Voicebrook
Voicebrook is a leading provider of integrated speech recognition and digital dictation solutions for automation of clinical documentation. Voicebrook's VoiceOver® software integrates directly with most healthcare information systems, and has been widely deployed in Pathology throughout the US and Canada. Voicebrook has developed specific best practices for implementation and on-going support, ensuring the most successful deployments of integrated speech recognition technology for healthcare.

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