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Press Release

"Get Me I.T. Stat!" -- Article on technology for healthcare features Voicebrook® solution

In today's Long Island Business News, Ken Schacter covers use of information technology by area hospitals. A recent Voicebrook® implementation was chosen as an example of a hospital realizing major savings through innovative technology implementation. See how we helped a NYC hospital improve their workflow and eliminate transcription cost.

Lake Success, NY, January 17, 2003 -- Working with the radiology department and hospital technology staff, Voicebrook® replaced a manual transcription process with an automated speech recognition solution, powered by ScanSoft's Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical Edition. This system is used by radiologists at the North Bronx Healthcare Network, and is integrated directly with the hospital's electronic medical record (EMR), providing instant documentation, as the radiologist completes the impression.

Before / after results demonstrate the dramatic improvements that can be realized by an enterprise speech recognition implementation, including:

Improvement in Transcription Cost
Before: More than $800,000 per year
After: Less than $60,000 per year
Bottom line: SAVINGS of more than $740,000 per year

Improvement in Turnaround Time
Before: 3 to 4 days, some reports lost
After: 15 minutes, no reports lost
Bottom line: REDUCTION of turnaround time by 3 days, on average

Improvement in Workflow
Before: Radiologists spent up to 50% of their time finding & re-reading reports to referring physicians who could not wait for transcription completion
After: Results are automatically stored in the patient, radiologists have no wasted time
Bottom line: ELIMINATION of follow up calls and wasted time, increased efficiency of radiology staff.

"In this case, the results speak for themselves," said Ross Weinstein, Voicebrook® CEO. "We're glad to have been part of such a dramatic improvement, and look forward to achieving the same bottom line results at other large hospitals."

The full LIBN story is available at: Get Me I.T., Stat!

About the North Bronx Healthcare Network (Jacobi Medical Center):

The largest health care delivery system in the Bronx and one of the largest in New York City, the North Bronx Healthcare Network (NBHN) has developed a world-wide reputation of distinction. It is renowned for its primacy in the delivery of emergency and trauma services, has developed an image of excellence as a provider of choice subspecialty care, and is widely recognized for its devotion to the health care needs of the large and diverse community it serves.

The NBHN's acute care facilities are located at both Jacobi Medical Center in the northeast Bronx and North Central Bronx Hospital (NCBH), and comprise approximately 800 beds. These facilities have developed a reputation for expertise in a number of specialty areas, including Level 1/Trauma Emergency Department, Pediatric Emergency Department, Burn Unit, Hyperbaric Chamber, Neonatal ICU, Midwifery , Partial Hospitalization Program. Additional outpatient care is provided at four satellite ambulatory care clinics (Crotona, Gunhill, Tremont, and Glebe.)

About Voicebrook :
Voicebrook® is a leading speech recognition technology consultancy and software developer, serving healthcare enterprises throughout the United States.

Voicebrook's principals have an unmatched track record of delivering speech recognition solutions that provide financial savings, as well as other important benefits including more natural computer interfaces, increased technology utilization by clinicians, more familiar documentation formats, improved clinical documentation and avoidance of repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Our staff are active contributors in regional and national organizations focusing on technology implementation for healthcare, including HIMSS, New York Software Industry Association, and the Long Island Software and Technology Network (Healthcare Special Interest Group).