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See the fastest, most accurate reporting solution available

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Optimized Efficiency

PRO's Report Builder with PRO Assistant is so much more than your current editor.

Discrete data fields are whatever you need them to be:
  • pick lists
  • number entry
  • check boxes
  • or free text for comments and more complicated descriptions

Auto-advance through fields, removing unnecessary words or actions.

Dynamic formatting allows you to focus on content, and let PRO Assistant worry about the formatting.

  • For instance, dictating "3 cassettes" will automatically pluralize any relevant static text. "Is submitted" becomes "are submitted," and the cassette summary section will be updated from [A1] to [A1-3]

Efficiency gains don't stop in the gross room! PRO Assistant pulls relevant inputs from the gross description into the appropriate diagnostic fields, eliminating redundant dictation.

Best of all, PRO allows you to do everything in one place. There's no more toggling between windows; even CAP content can be done in the Report Builder with no need for an additional module!

Optimized Accuracy

We've talked about the accuracy improvements that come with templates in the past. With some templates, you can see up to a massive decrease in error potential over a report dictated entirely with free text. The accuracy improvements in VoiceOver PRO, however, don't stop there.

PRO Assistant gives you peace of mind when building your reports by providing help text, field validation, calculation, reference material, and more.

Examples include:

  • Field validation:
    • For a number field, if an input falls outside an expected range, i.e. 0-20 cm, the field will be flagged for review.
    • If the gross description includes the words, "grossly unremarkable," a diagnosis of "cancer" will be flagged for review.
  • Calculation:
    • PRO Assistant includes a Gleason Score calculator.
  • Reference material:
    • PRO Assistant can provide reference material such as cancer grades and their definitions in the Report Builder window. No need to thumb through that heavy manual.

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