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Download Stony Brook University Medical Center Study...

"Voice Recognition Technology Implementation in
Surgical Pathology"

Find out how SBUMC's implementation of VoiceOver drove significant improvements in patient safety and report turnaround time, and learn what you can do to achieve these dramatic results!:

  • 25% reduction in turnaround time
  • 68% increase in cases signed out in one day
  • 24% increase in cases signed out in 2 days
  • 68% reduction in lines typed by transcriptionists
  • 125% reduction in transcription errors
  • positive impact on resident education
  • transcription staff has been reassigned to other duties and is successfully assisting in other areas

Conclusions: Voice recognition technology allows for a seamless workflow in surgical pathology, with improvements in turnaround time and a positive impact on competency-based resident education. Individual practices may assess the value of voice recognition technology and decide to implement it, potentially with gains in many aspects of their practice.

Download the Study Here!