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Press Release

Voicebrook Releases Free Web-Based Reporting Tool to Support Pathology Professionals

Report Builder LITE offers standardized grossing templates to help short-staffed labs during pandemic.


Lake Success, NY, May 4, 2020 -- Voicebrook, the leading provider of speech recognition and reporting solutions for pathology, announced the release of a free web-based reporting tool to support pathology professionals. Report Builder LITE offers an easy-to-use set of standardized pathology gross templates that can be used with any Anatomic Pathology (AP) system.

“Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many laboratories don't have access to their trusted transcriptionists, and as a result pathologists and PA's are being asked to take a more active role in the physical creation of their reports,” said E. Ross Weinstein, CEO of Voicebrook. “When you are not used to transcribing a report into a system, your accuracy and efficiency can suffer, and patient reports can be delayed or inaccurate. Voicebrook wanted to address this need and give labs a solution that can help them immediately.” 

Report Builder LITE borrows some of the efficiency-saving features and content from VoiceOver PRO, but in an entirely new platform that does not highlight the use of voice. VoiceOver PRO is a revolutionary speech recognition-based reporting solution, featuring automatically-formatted templates. PRO allows users to create and view entire reports in one place without having to toggle between windows. 

“One of our former customers just moved to a new lab where they don’t use VoiceOver PRO. She told me it would have been so good to have PRO during this pandemic, because it would have preserved their lab’s ability to keep building reports during this unprecedented time of chaos in healthcare,” said Weinstein. “We began to imagine creating a similar report building tool that anyone could use immediately and at no cost, regardless of whether they are a current Voicebrook customer. So that’s exactly what we did with Report Builder LITE.”

Since Report Builder LITE is web-based, it is easy to use and requires little-to-no IT support. Users can choose between a variety of grossing templates that maximize efficiency along with synoptic and narrative reporting. Once users have finished assembling their structured reports, they can copy to clipboard and insert findings into an AP reporting system. Report Builder LITE provides a library of the most common templates a user would need, including those needed for emergency/urgent surgery.

Patient privacy is easily preserved because all information remains on the user’s end. Report Builder LITE does not save or transmit any patient information via the internet, and does not interact with the user’s AP system.

“We decided to make this a free tool for anyone who needs it,” said Weinstein. “In times like these, we’re all looking for ways to come together and do our part. This is Voicebrook’s way to help our friends in the pathology community who might need support in order to keep doing their work during a time of crisis. This isn’t a replacement for our VoiceOver PRO software, but it’s a stopgap for people needing an interim solution to help patients get results.”

To access Voicebrook's new report building tool, visit reportbuilderlite.com.

About Voicebrook:

Founded in 2002, Voicebrook is the leading provider of speech recognition and reporting solutions for pathology, with more than 550 client sites across the US, Canada, and Australia. The VoiceOver PRO software application incorporates speech recognition, digital dictation, customizable templates, and an assortment of input devices, providing direct integration with the user’s Anatomic Pathology (AP) system. VoiceOver PRO allows pathology professionals to rapidly and accurately create pathology reports, choosing one of three customizable workflows. Learn more at www.voicebrook.com. Follow us at @voicebrook on Twitter.