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Voicebrook Employment Opportunities

Now Hiring: Solution Analyst

Voicebrook is looking to hire a passionate and creative Solution Analyst to join our team!

Designing and implementing a solution to meet the needs of our users is at the core of our company. The Solution Analyst is this person. We’re looking for a sharp and engaged person to come join a growing company and help make a difference.

Voicebrook solves reporting issues for Pathology laboratories; we help them save time, money and lives. As a Solution Analyst you understand the client’s needs and build their VoiceOver solution, working with both the users and our internal team to roll this solution out successfully.

Here is what you will accomplish at Voicebrook

  • You will make a direct impact on the future of our company and your importance will be felt by our customers and employees.
  • You will play a critical role in our future growth.
  • You will join a passionate team that is focused on three things: #1 building awesome products, #2 building successful client implementations and ongoing interactions, and #3 building a great place to work every day.
  • You will learn, develop, and have fun.

Here is what you will be doing at Voicebrook

  • You will be a critical contributor within our Client Success team, primarily responsible for designing and customizing our solution to meet Pathology Department requirements.
  • You will help build our base of successful clients through iterative design, implementation, testing, and validation of the user workflows you build, and supporting our project teams as they roll out and train users on our solution.
  • You will also help local IT install and configure our solution on servers and end user workstations.
  • You will learn the healthcare and pathology industry, and how to leverage this expertise to form meaningful connections to our users and help them learn.
  • You will develop a deep understanding of pathology workflow, content, templating and reporting needs and learn how to fully customize our product.

Here are some things that describe you

  • You enjoy solving problems and making both people and processes more efficient.
  • You enjoy being able to understand and meet people’s needs.
  • You excel in explaining things and take satisfaction from seeing other people learn.
  • You are a strong and intuitive communicator.
  • You want to keep learning and developing.
  • You are an upbeat person who likes working with a team and can show that personality to our prospects and our employees.
  • You enjoy programming and the satisfaction that comes with unleashing your creativity to find a great solution for a problem.
  • You are capable of managing the preparation and ramp up of multiple projects simultaneously.
  • You are a problem solver that is comfortable taking on any challenge thrown their way, even if you don't know the answer immediately.
  • You bring a methodical approach to troubleshooting and think about the complete picture.
  • You are comfortable working from home and you communicate well through phone and video conferencing.
  • You like to provide open and honest feedback and are willing to speak your mind.
  • You put the customer first, then the team, always willing to do what is right for the business.
  • You’d be open to occasional travel to client sites when an onsite presence is warranted.
  • You’re proficient in one or more programming languages and can think logically through problems. We use C# and Visual Basic, so if you already know these, it’s a plus.
  • You are comfortable using new technology and software. We use CRM (Salesforce) tools, Google products, and speech recognition software (Nuance Dragon) and need someone that can pick these up if they don’t already know them.
  • You have a passion for healthcare, including possible work experience in healthcare or Pathology.

Here is what we can offer you

  • Competitive compensation based on experience with full benefits / 401K / etc.
  • Flexible work environment, PTO policy, generous maternity/paternity plans and the ability to work from home.
  • A strong support system of passionate co-workers who are driven to succeed.
  • An opportunity to be a part of a company that is the leader in its space.
  • Highly transparent leadership team.
  • Tremendous opportunity to expand your role and grow with the company.

Are you ready to join our team and help take our company to the next level? If so, please fill out the form on the right side of the page and make sure you attach a resume. We look forward to meeting you!