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Stay up to Date With CAP Cancer Checklists

Whether you're CAP accredited or not, you've probably heard of the cancer checklists following the CAP Cancer Protocol Templates. Even outside the United States, pathology departments are using these checklists; they are considered the "gold standard" for cancer reporting. While previously paper based, the electronic cancer checklists (eCC) now allow for standardized, searchable cancer data to be accessed instantly anywhere in the world.

CAP is continuously improving its protocols, and it can be a challenge for pathology departments to maintain their electronic versions and keep pace with the changes. That's where we come in. Voicebrook's Structured Results Entry (SRE) module allows pathologists to use speech recognition to easily and accurately dictate CAP checklists that are 100% CAP-compliant. We take care of updates and revisions so you don't have to.Checkbox-1.jpg

CAP's Most Recent Release

On March 31st, 2016, CAP released several revised electronic checklists. If you are maintaining your checklists manually, you can find them on the CAP website with the revised lists called out.

As an authorized provider of CAP eCC content, Voicebrook takes that hassle away, updating your SRE module within weeks of the eCC release. We ensure your checklists are current, and we offer the flexibility to modify checklists to meet your individual site's reporting needs.

A Few Important Points about CAP Protocols and eCCs:

  • There are differences between the cancer protocols posted on the CAP website and the electronic cancer checklists. Both are CAP approved, but only the eCC is approved for electronic distribution. There is no correlation between differences in content and compliance.
  • CAP does not always release the cancer protocols and electronic cancer checklists at the same time. Just this year, the protocols were updated and posted to the CAP website in January, but the corresponding eCC data was not available until March 31.
  • CAP allows an 8 month grace period for accredited laboratories adopt any new standards. We recognize the importance of immediate implementation; as soon as CAP releases the eCC data, it becomes our top priority. It is also important, however, that the updates to your SRE module go smoothly and meet your reporting needs, so we perform an extensive QA of the data prior to our release date.

If you already have SRE, your project manager will get in touch within the next two weeks to schedule the download of the new content.

If you don't have SRE and are interested in how it could simplify your CAP eCC reporting, let us know!

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