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Five Reasons AP Systems Vendors Should Partner with Voicebrook

Note: This blog entry is intended primarily for our partners – and potential partners -- in the Anatomic Pathology software space. If you are a Pathology professional, you are welcome to read on – and feel free to pass this on to your favorite Pathology software contact.  Ultimately, ALL of our partnerships are about your success and empowering you to save time, money, and lives.

In my last blog post on partnering, I used some images to highlight classic partnerships from popular culture and food – dating back to 1950 or so. [Unintended consequence: I can now tell the difference between Watson and Crick in a grainy photograph.]

Today, I’m going to focus on why Voicebrook is the right choice for a speech recognition partner in the Anatomic Pathology workflow space -- circa 2015.

Over the past ten years, we have been hyper-focused on helping Pathology professionals achieve the most streamlined reporting workflow, developing solutions that leverage complementary technologies to the existing workflow. Our solutions have been deployed for more than 3500 Pathology professionals in 350 locations and in more than 50 different AP System platform configurations.

Here are FIVE reasons why we are the right partner for you:

We are Perfectly Aligned to Benefit Mutual CustomersVoiceOverManagerGears

We are laser-focused on helping Pathologists save time, money and lives, by streamlining the report creation process. We eat, sleep and dream about the future of speech recognition and technology in Pathology reporting. We attend the same industry events, and read the same industry publications (Hi, Bob!). We follow developments in Pathology Informatics, in order to help deliver additional features that can improve on the current process. We also vigorously support what we put out there -- when Pathology professionals contact our Help Desk, they get a staff member who not only understands Pathology workflow, but has access to the details of the specific workflow in use at that facility -- including a strong understanding of how the AP system operates. On all levels, we walk the walk....

Value-Added Pathology Reporting Functionality

The most visible part of how we help our customers involves adding speech recognition, external automation and hardware suited to the unique needs of Pathology to the software solutions already in place, with no changes or interfaces required. This provides key benefits, including:

  • Voice-optimized interface for natural, hands-free command and control
  • Ability to dictate rapidly and accurately – both free text and templated content
  • Workflow options for all editing preferences – from complete self-edit or deferred editing – allowing transcriptionists to correct already-recognized audio
  • Integration of the transcriptionist workflow with the reporting solution
  • Flexible workflow that can adapt to various context elements (user role, workstation location, case information, etc.)
  • An enterprise approach and managed environment for the various solution components

Optimizing Multiple Solutions

Because we are Pathologist-centric (not application-centric), we address ALL the needs of the Pathologist, in many cases building automation and speech input for multiple solutions being used simultaneously. Sometimes this is referred to as the "Pathologist Cockpit."  For example, while dictating into the current report, the Pathologist may also need to:

  • Look up patient history from an external Electronic Health Record.
  • Navigate (and possibly dictate into) a Digital Pathology system.
  • Pull up an image of the requisition from an imaging application.
  • Initiate, control and dictate into a Gross Photography solution, ultimately including selected images into the reporting solution.
  • Capture transcribed text (or audio) for tumor board, or for teaching cases.
  • Perform some other task by voice that can be done in parallel -- web search, replenish supplies, initiate an email about the current case (or order coffee), etc.

We understand the Pathologists’ goals – and the integration points – with the Anatomic Pathology solutions they are actively using, and provide workflow options that work across the entire range. 

Solution Adoption Best Practices

In addition to developing value-added functionality, we have spent years perfecting best practices for all phases of solution adoption – incorporating everything from project planning/change management to customization to on- and off-site support throughout the engagement to post-live follow up and planning (upgrades, changes to the underlying solutions, new application targets, etc.).

Partner Coordination

We understand that customer success is mutually intertwined with the successful collaboration between us and our partners – we engage with your teams to focus on customer success, from pre-sales through solution deployment and aftercare. Beyond execution and support, we also conduct joint activities ranging from sales & marketing to product strategy and innovation. Best of all, because of our specialization and our history as an independent solution, we can act as an extended development resource, providing voice functionality for your current – and future – applications with minimal development resources required, making the most effective use of your teams’ already-stretched time and focus.

If you would like to take a deeper look at any of these areas – or address any other aspects of working together, please contact me directly at joseph.desiderio@voicebrook.com

Just for fun -- Howdy Partner Videos: In the process of writing the first “Howdy, Partner” post, I included images representing classic partnerships over the past ~80 years. For this post, I searched for a short video that represented the theme of “Howdy, Partner!” – it turns out there are approximately 1,760 YouTube videos with someone (or something) voicing a variant of the phrase “Howdy Partner!” Technically, that’s extrapolated from the 20 minutes I wasted looking into this, but if you have a different figure, let me know.

Here, for your viewing pleasure is the best of the bunch -- featuring the incredible Peter Sellers working some complex audio technology(!) from the 1968 film The Party: