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Dictating Old Cases in the New Year

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Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back to work dictating cases. You say, "Surgical, one zero," accession number S-18-00010 opens up, and it's business as usual.  Like many programs, VoiceOver adapts to the new year, so going forward with new cases won't require any additional steps. If, however, you want to open and dictate a case from 2017, you will need to issue a different command.

This brief blog explains how these commands work and what you need to say in order to open up the correct accession number for the correct year.

2017 Cases

If there is a case from 2017, you will have to dictate the entire case number (with the case type, year, case number and dashes)
  • Example 1 : S-17-1248, you would have to say "Surgical, dash, one seven, dash, one two four eight"
  • Example 2 : S17-1248, you would have to say "Surgical one seven, dash, one two four eight"

2018 Cases

For the 2018 cases, each number in the case must be spoken one digit at a time.
  • Example 1 : S-18-00010, you would say "Surgical, one zero" instead of "Surgical ten"
  • Example 2 : S-18-00024, you would say "Surgical, two four" instead of "Surgical twenty four"
If your lab has different requirements, please take a look at your site-specific workflow document to see how to access cases from the previous year for your site. 
Yes, I know. I said I would be brief and I think I was, but hopefully the information was helpful and timely. If you still have questions, please contact our support team.
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