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Dragon® Medical Software

Voicebrook utilizes Nuance's award-winning Dragon Medical platform to provide speech recognition technology in VoiceOver®. Dragon allows pathologists to enroll their voice profile in just minutes. Dictation can be performed naturally at speeds up to 160 words per minute. Additional features include:

  • Accuracy up to 99%
  • Reduced latency time for fast speakers
  • Regional accent support
  • Adaptable language and acoustic models
  • Command and control by voice
  • Vocabulary exceeding 260,000 words
  • Over 60,000 specialized medical terms and phrases
  • Pathology vocabulary
  • Additional vocabularies for general English or other medical topics
  • Extendable vocabulary using existing documents
  • Comprehensive self-editing tools
  • Playback dictation to aid in proof reading
  • Automatic accuracy tuning
  • Compatible for dictation into most desktop applications
  • Natural commands for many desktop applications
  • Medical formatting rules specific to Pathology
  • HIPAA supportive
  • Section 508 Compliant

VoiceOver Template Center

VoiceOver contains the most comprehensive templating utility available within a Pathology speech recognition reporting product. Templates are useful for reducing documentation time, training residents, and setting departmental reporting standards.

VoiceOver Pathology Templates

Features of the template system include:

  • XML template storage
  • Group and user specific templates
  • Gross and microscopic templates
  • Voice, mouse, or keyboard smart field navigation and template insertion
  • Smart fields (auto skip, default, remove brackets, remove content)
  • Default choices
  • Discrete input drop down lists and template builder (synoptic-style)
  • Free text input
  • Simplified template creation by voice
  • Template Center to view and manage templates
  • Configurable template creation (rtf or txt)
  • Template grouping and sorting
  • Template conversion tools
  • Template printing
  • Extensive collection of Pathology templates
  • Color coded text for template input fields
  • CAP eCC synoptic template support

Structured Results Entry (SRE) Module

The VoiceOver Structured Results Entry module allows pathologists to use speech recognition technology to comply with College of American Pathologists electronic Cancer Checklists (eCC). Users of VoiceOver SRE have access to current CAP eCC content, enabling voice-driven structured results entry through a user-friendly and efficient front-end interface.

SRE is customizable to create and manage non-eCC templates for Gross or Diagnostic Synoptic reporting.


Features of SRE Include:

  • Authorized eCC content
  • Gross templates
  • Visible CAP posting date
  • Required field indicators
  • Toggle non-required fields and optional notes
  • Data validation
  • Ad Hoc narrative comments
  • Rapid sign-out
  • Save/edit incomplete checklists
  • Maintain temporary copy of checklists for edit
  • Template builder
  • Customized format
  • Exportable XML format

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VoiceOver SpeechBox

SpeechBox is a robust word processing tool that assists AP systems in rapidly creating and editing text. It is typically used for systems that have limited word processing capabilities, and can be configured to push text back into any system based upon the underlying formatting rules or limitations of that system.

Pathology Speech Recognition

Features of SpeechBox include:

  • Word processor with rich text or text only input
  • RTF formatting controls
  • Compatible with all Windows-based desktop applications
  • Built in template Center and navigation shortcuts
  • Intelligent text transfer (formatting and converting results for receiving application)
  • Configurable menu buttons
  • Sending application window recall (sends text back to specific application text box from memory)
  • Edit text from launching application
  • Optional manual crosshair to paste text to a specific application window
  • Dragon compatible for "select and say" editing
  • Previous dictation retrieval for resident workflow or downtime procedure
  • Configurable auto-save (prevents dictation loss resulting from hardware issues or power outages)
  • Built in workflow and navigation controls
  • Clear visual indicators for Mic On/Off status
  • API set for programmable controls by external partner application

Device Integration and Management

VoiceOver was developed to integrate and manage many commercially available input devices which assist Pathology professionals in the creation of reports. Each system is sold with a combination of input devices based upon use and preference, and all can be managed within a users personal profile. Supported devices include:

Microphones and foot pedals:

  • Headsets - highly accurate, noise canceling, hands-free microphone devices
    • Wired - many available choices of high quality and comfort wired dictation headsets
    • Wireless - many available choices of high quality and comfort headsets including radio and Bluetooth options
  • SpeechMike - handheld directional microphone with integrated trackball, Mic On/Off button, and customizable buttons to assist with workflow and navigation
  • Boom Microphone - directional hands free microphone with mute button that is typically used in private offices
  • Foot Pedal - customizable waterproof device used for navigation, Mic On/off, and to control VoiceOver Recorder by foot

Device related features include:

  • Customizable user-based device preferences
  • Choice of "push to talk" or microphone On/Off
  • Customizable device navigation (move forward/back, playback/rewind/fast forward)
  • Customizable hot buttons (i.e.: undo that, Enter, Backspace, etc.)
  • Integration with customizable audio and visual cues
  • Customizations are user profile specific

Management Tools

VoiceOver is designed to be the only speech and documentation creation tool necessary for complex Pathology environments. Eliminating the need for additional HL7 interfaces and user file management, VoiceOver adds minimal overhead for IT staff to manage. VoiceOver Enterprise Manager is provided to assist administrators in automating enterprise functionality.

Enterprise features include:

  • Networked user speech, device configuration, and template files
  • GUI-based vocabulary, template, and voice command management
  • Central template editing and distribution
  • User lock file management
  • User profile creation and management
  • Central user file backup and restore
  • Customizable AP System downtime tools
  • Remote support tools and diagnostics
  • File synchronization and management software
  • User profile and system file logging

VoiceOver Recorder

VoiceOver Recorder is a lightweight desktop digital dictation tool that allows pathologists to create a digital recording and route it to a transcriptionist to transcribe. Users can use it interchangeably with VoiceOver's real-time functionality, and case information can be captured directly from your AP system. VoiceOver Recorder also allows laboratories to implement speech recognition in a phased approach.

Pathology Digital Dictation

Features include:

  • Digital recorder that records dictations to be routed to a transcriptionist, deferred speech engine, or editor
  • Automatically records case identifiers from AP system (prevents case matching errors)
  • SpeechBox integration
  • Users can alternate between real-time or deferred transcription approach
  • Intelligent text transfer (formatting and converting results for receiving application)
  • Functions during AP system downtime
  • Familiar playback/rewind/fast forward interface with foot pedal or SpeechMike integration
  • Configurable workflows that allow for recorder launch from within, or outside of an AP System workflow
  • File encryption
  • Configurable status and routing markers
  • Dictate letters, notes, billing instructions, or special stains
  • Dictate a frozen section when the specimen hasn't yet been accessioned
  • Dictate Gross specimens while system maintenance and/or downtime is experienced

VoiceOver Delegated Medical Editor

The VoiceOver Delegated Medical Editor workflow allows pathologists and PA's to dictate reports using speech recognition technology and route the unedited reports to a transcription resource to correct the text. Like VoiceOver Recorder, this can be used as a tool to encourage users to adopt real-time speech recognition and templating while not being forced into self-editing as they get comfortable with speech recognition functionality. However, VoiceOver Delegated Medical Editor provides productivity benefits compared to digital dictation since the text is already transcribed and transcriptionists only need to edit a draft report based on the audio recording, as opposed to transcribing the complete report from scratch.

VoiceOver Delegated Medical Editor workflow includes all the features of standard VoiceOver "front-end" workflow, with the following additions:

  • Report text and audio are routed to transcription for editing
  • Playback tool to retrieve / playback prior dictation for review / verification
  • Option to send the report to Transcription for immediate review
  • Preference settings for which reports go to transcription
  • Preference settings to save every audio file and not send the report to Transcription (Instant report availability with audio artifact for Q/A process)
  • Preference settings by role (Pathologist, PA, Resident)

VoiceOver Transcription Module

The VoiceOver Transcription Module allows transcriptionists to edit or transcribe reports from a VoiceOver generated work list of pending cases.  Transcriptionists can rapidly transcribe or edit reports directly within an AP System, and eliminate the possibility of case mismatches, because all recorded data was previously linked to the AP systems case identifiers.  Reports can be given priority or assigned to specific transcriptionists based upon preferences or on a case by case basis.

Pathology Transcription Worklist

Features of the VoiceOver Transcription Module include:

  • Integrates with standard desktop headsets and foot pedals
  • Filter by section and status
  • Sort by case number, report section, date and time, or pathologist/PA
  • Monitor "unprocessed" dictation queue
  • Set dictation to hold/open status, (prevents other transcriptionists from editing/places recording back into the queue)

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