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Leverage Your Speech Recognition Solution for Workflow Efficiency

There is a concept in the culinary world referred to as “mise en place.” The phrase is from the French, roughly translating as “everything it it’s place,” and it refers to organizing the kitchen in a way that allows chefs to have everything prepped and ready to work with maximum efficiency.  It allows the chef and their staff to create the meals they’ll need during a given shift, made to order, one at a time.

In Pathology, work areas are organized so that specimens move through the department in the most expeditious manner possible. There are time-tested procedures, carts to hold specimens, machines, timers, and many other solutions to each problem Pathologists and PAs are trying to solve.

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What to do When Speech Recognition is Coming to Your Lab

Another year is coming to an end, and perhaps, after months of unanswered help wanted ads, you've decided that, "These Aren't the Pathology Transcriptionists You're Looking for." It's time to look at a speech recognition solution for the new year. Or perhaps you already have a solution, but it's time for an upgrade. The process can seem overwhelming, but there are a few steps, common to both a new implementation or an upgrade, that will help lead you to a successful project. To help, we designed this task list for what to do when speech recognition is coming to your lab.

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Hands Full? Edit, Format and Navigate Reports with Speech Recognition

When you visualize yourself in the Gross Room, where are your hands? Chances are, the first thing you thought of was not your keyboard. Even in the office, your hands are more likely to be occupied by the microscope or your slides than by your mouse. One of the many perks of speech recognition software is the ability to dictate text and then format, edit, and even navigate reports without having to take your hands off your specimen. Here are just a few commands you can use with VoiceOver to make your reporting almost completely "hands free."

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Thinking About Speech Recognition? Get Users Involved Early

Technology changes in the lab can be sparked by any number of catalysts.  For instance, a PA hears from a friend about a new speech recognition system and brings it up to her manager and next thing you know VoiceOver is being installed.  Other times, Pathologists are looking for ways to have more control over their reports as well as the ability to sign things out without waiting for transcription.  Still other times, administration is looking for a way to save money, and they choose to bring in new technology to accomplish this goal.   While we do pride ourselves on helping our customers to save money, that specific reason for bringing in the VoiceOver solution is what can lead to trouble.  

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We Hear You: How Client Feedback Transformed VoiceOver

Feedback is important in many ways.  As I’ve recently learned, telling a six year old not to touch a campfire because it’s hot didn’t really register.  However, a very minor burn later and she understood in a much clearer way than any message I could have given.  I can’t wait for the teenage years.   Fortunately, all feedback doesn’t have to be painful.

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