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Time, Money, and Lives Blog

Why We Built That : CAP eCC

The College of American Pathologists Cancer Protocols have become the standard in cancer reporting. According to their website, “For more than 20 years, the CAP cancer protocols have served as a resource and reference for complete reporting of malignant tumors, including current American Joint Committee on Cancer staging.” The CAP eCC (electronic Cancer Checklists) is the electronic version of these protocols, allowing pathologists to implement them into their reporting workflow.

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4 Steps to Becoming a Speech Recognition Power User

As an Implementation Specialist with Voicebrook, I have the opportunity to give the initial presentation of VoiceOver to our clients in person and by interacting with them remotely. I train each user at a site using a one-on-one walkthrough method of instruction on speech recognition topics such as software overview, dictating fundamentals, tips for accuracy, editing text, correcting recognition errors, and the user manual. These topics are important, but I've also found a number of simple things that can enhance recognition accuracy and ease of use. Here are my top four tips and tricks to put VoiceOver users on the path to becoming power users.

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Workflow Video: Impact of Cassette Summary Speech Recognition Commands

As has frequently been mentioned in this blog, speech recognition technology is not an effective solution for Pathology Reporting when used by itself.  However, when combined with the appropriate hardware, pathology templates, devices, and workflow integration it is proven to help save time and money, and assist Pathologists in providing the highest standard of diagnostic care for their patients. I realize that these are just words to most, and absent seeing how this comes together in a lab environment it is difficult to understand.  That said, for the purposes of this blog, I wanted to share how just one voice command can be used to improve workflow, accuracy of dictation, and ultimately save time.

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Six Beneficial and Cool VoiceOver Commands for Sunquest PowerPath

Before I started working for Voicebrook, I had extensive experience working with PowerPath both at Yale University and as a member of the Sunquest and Elekta teams. A major reason I came to work with Voicebrook was that I found their Sunquest PowerPath speech recognition solution to be very beneficial and really cool!  For the purposes of this blog, I wanted to share with you six VoiceOver commands and features that could help you save time and improve your reporting experience in PowerPath (and are also pretty cool).

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