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Introducing The Voicebrook Success Community

There's been a recurring theme to our blogs and newsletters. Maybe you've caught it? We've been asking our clients to provide us with feedback, and I want to personally thank all of you who took us up on our request. There are too many to name in this short blog, but from your responses, we've been working to improve your user experience. With that in mind, we are launching the Voicebrook Success Community.

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To DIY or Not to DIY? Support Makes all the Difference

Imagine this: It’s a cold and dark Monday morning. You sluggishly enter your office at work, dreading the upgrade to the pathology software your team implemented several years ago. With years of experience now under your belt implementing, using, and troubleshooting this fancy software, you start to get that gut-wrenching sensation because your “upgrades” in the past have been more like downgrades. Plus, all your department’s custom made workflows, templates, and other shortcuts will need to be re-written.

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Printing Blocks in PowerPath using VoiceOver

histology_cassette_labels.jpgHave you ever grossed a specimen and realized that additional blocks needed to be printed? I remember working on-site in the Gross Room years ago and a Pathologists Assistant remarked, "I wish I could print blocks using VoiceOver." 

Having been in that position myself as a former grossing technician, I understood the frustration and went back to my team with the challenge of coming up with a solution to address this need.  We evaluated the process the site used to print blocks and developed a set of voice commands to achieve this.

Included below is a video that demonstrates this solution.

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Looking for Speech Recognition? These 3 Things Often Get Overlooked

When people talk about new technologies, the challenges are usually what comes up first. It doesn't have to be this way. Often, there are added benefits and rewards to a new technology that improve existing processes. After implementing VoiceOver, I have users tell me they are surprised by some of these, and I wonder, "Why?" The answer is that they weren't looking for these benefits when they were deciding on a speech recognition solution in Pathology. Here are the top three things that users find beneficial that get overlooked:

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We Hear You: How Your Feedback Improves the Service You Receive

In Brian Juszcyk’s recent blog post, "We Hear You: How Client Feedback Transformed VoiceOver," he discusses the importance of feedback in providing the best solutions for our clients. Consider this a follow-up intended to emphasize how truly important feedback is to us. It is my job as the Director of Client Operations, to ensure that we are providing exceptional customer service. In order to achieve this there is a core set of objectives that must take place in all support interactions with clients:

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