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CAP Today Explores Variances in Pathology Speech Recognition Adoption

This Q&A was published in the October 2015 issue of CAP Today, and I thought it would be a good idea to share with our blog subscribers and readers. The content builds upon a three part blog post that I wrote back in May

The reality is that not all sites and solutions are created equal.  Pathology laboratories planning for a successful speech recognition reporting implementation need to consider many variables apart from the technology that recognizes spoken words and converts them into text.  This Q&A provides a working list of differences between laboratories that must be considered before selecting and deploying the right solution for your lab.

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How to Prepare Your Lab Environment for a Speech Recognition Solution

One of the earliest priorities for a Project Manager in a VoiceOver implementation is to ensure that the physical dictation environment is properly setup for successful speech recognition use.   In many cases the PA or Pathologist may not have previously relied on a computer workstation as a regular part of their case reporting.  In other cases, if a computer workstation was available, it may not have been setup effectively to be utilized while working with case materials.  The reason it is so important to focus on the physical environment early in an implementation is that some of the requirements may involve equipment or physical setup that involves people or resources that take time to schedule or procure.

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Leadership and Lab Efficiency Go Hand in Hand with Quality Outcomes

I’ve experienced many different environments where we were in the process of implementing our solution, and the mix of customer behavior and motives has been diverse between them. As we navigate through various obstacles/challenges with a focus on “making customers successful" with speech recognition software for Pathology we find ourselves continually learning from experiences and asking, "what’s the secret to success?" That said, there’s one example that always comes to mind when I think about successful sites and the behaviors that led to success.

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Four Steps to Help Your Users Effectively Learn New Software

Prior to my role as Director of the Solution Delivery team, I spent time in the field as an Implementation Specialist where I trained new users.   In this blog, I wanted to share my observations on the importance of planning to remove barriers to learning.

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Ways to Make Sure Your Speech Recognition Selection Isn't a Failure

In parts one and two of this blog series about selecting a speech solution, I discussed identifying the needs and finding appropriate features to address those needs.  In each case I provided examples from other Pathology practices that can be used as guidelines for organizations experiencing similar issues.  In the final chapter, I am going to address best practices to make sure that the expected benefits of the solution will be achieved.

As mentioned in my initial post, features and price are just line items on a document.  They are not predictors of success.  One of the best methods to determine whether features can lead to a positive outcome or whether you can generate a return on investment is to find similar organizations to yours and see how they fared with any particular solution.  Customer testimonials, case studies, reference calls, and site visits can provide an excellent crystal ball for what you can expect from a solution. That said, not all organizations are the same, but if you can find a reference with many of these same characteristics, you will have a higher probability of predicting whether a particular solution will be right for you.

Here is a hierarchy of things to consider when performing due diligence...

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