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We Hear You: How Your Feedback Improves the Service You Receive

In Brian Juszcyk’s recent blog post, "We Hear You: How Client Feedback Transformed VoiceOver," he discusses the importance of feedback in providing the best solutions for our clients. Consider this a follow-up intended to emphasize how truly important feedback is to us. It is my job as the Director of Client Operations, to ensure that we are providing exceptional customer service. In order to achieve this there is a core set of objectives that must take place in all support interactions with clients:

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We Hear You: How Client Feedback Transformed VoiceOver

Feedback is important in many ways.  As I’ve recently learned, telling a six year old not to touch a campfire because it’s hot didn’t really register.  However, a very minor burn later and she understood in a much clearer way than any message I could have given.  I can’t wait for the teenage years.   Fortunately, all feedback doesn’t have to be painful.

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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly -- Provide Product Feedback


Help Us Help You

I am struck by how often we as consumers buy products or solutions and feel that the company providing our solution could have served our needs better. We even sometimes think we know what could have been done better to improve the product, but not many of us pick up the phone or go to our trusty email account and tell the company how we think the solution could have been better. We all just learn to live with it “as is” and assume that is as good as it is going to be until the vendor makes improvements to the product or until a better product comes along...maybe another company’s product at that.

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