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Using Templates Speeds Up Your Dictation and Improves accuracy

Most of us probably don’t pay much attention, but we use ‘templates’ in our everyday life.  We are using them so much, in fact, that our devices are even starting to figure out what we are going to say/type next.  For instance, when I go to fill out a form in Google and I start to type my name, Google will try to auto populate the other fields for address, email, phone number, etc.  Google knows that I have used this information many times before and has essentially created a template for me.  Of course the world of Pathology is much more complex than filling in fields for name and address, but there are still so many areas where you are likely saying the same or very similar phrases again and again.

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Despite Declines in Anatomic Pathology Revenue, Hope is on the Horizon

In the last 10 years, anatomic Pathologists who work in private practice settings have been negatively affected by various attacks on their income by health insurance companies, client physicians, and patients. Many of these Pathologists are earning substantially less than they earned several years ago. However, while shrinking revenue has been a problem for numerous pathology groups, some groups have combatted the changes by implementing practical pricing techniques and providing physicians and payers with added value. 

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Artificial Intelligence Coming to a Pathology Lab Near You?

The idea of artificial intelligence captured my attention in the early 2000's when Will Smith graced us with the cinematic thriller, I, Robot. The movie is set in 2035 where humans are building smart robots using AI, and Smith's character has to fight them from taking over, and blah blah blah. You've seen it 100 times in a million movies. Enter real life ... artificial intelligence captured the world when the IBM super computer, known as Watson, won the TV show Jeopardy!, beating the reigning Jeopardy! champion, Ken Jennings. Now, the supercomputer, branded for healthcare as WATSON HEALTH AI, is found in at least 16 cancer treatment centers across the United States, helping to diagnose and treat cancer patients.

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4 Critical Election Mistakes Provide Lessons to Help Connect You with Your Customer

For many of us the election result provided a confusing end to what was a very emotionally charged campaign.  When I awoke on Wednesday morning still trying to sort out the surprise result in my head, I couldn't help but reflect upon what was missed. This was an election where almost all of the media and most surrogates in both campaigns believed that Hillary's victory was all but a sure thing. So what happened?

Still trying to put it all together, I logged into my 8:30AM daily client advocacy video conference. This meeting consists of 12 cross-functional Voicebrook employees all working to find solutions that ensure client success. On this day I was running a few minutes late and I joined in the middle of a conversation about the result. All eyes turned to me, and I was put on the spot about what we just witnessed. Channeling skills I learned from watching all three debates, I "pivoted" to answer the question in a way that would not alienate team members and would provide a positive segue to the meeting we were about to begin.

I had so many different thoughts about what had taken place from an ideological standpoint that I didn't share, BUT I believed there were lessons that we could learn to benefit us in advancing our commitment to client success. I found that the lessons we were discussing did not just apply to us and our service to our clients. As a result, I wanted to share them with you. I feel that all businesses can better serve their customers if they think about these four things...
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Measuring Success Means More than Measuring Outcomes

About two years ago, we realized that we need a better way to track and measure initiatives within the company. Like many small businesses, we were going along figuring we were doing everything right as long as our results were good enough...until they weren't. We wanted to grow, not settle. We started using Rhythm Systems to plan our goals and strategies, report key performance indicators (KPIs), set team initiatives, and track individual priorities. But what are those KPIs and individual priorities?

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